Mangroves are responsible for major carbon storage of coastal ecosystem.
Otieno John, member of Eco Club Kenya along with his fellows from EcoDada and Eco Community Club of Pwani University, Kenya is on the mission to restore mangrove ecosystem. This not only redevelop the natural habitat but also increase the carbon capture sites.
Water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) are the cornerstone of all aspects of life. Refugees can live in harsh environments that make access to WASH difficult. Untreated water and lack of proper sanitation and hygiene put refugee health, education and livelihoods at risk. To help the #refugees to better understand the hygiene and sanitation, Mr. Santos ( Coordinator Eco Club Kenya) raised awareness among the community people about sanitation and distributed soaps among them considering their compromised approach towards health and hygiene. We need funds to make the life of Kenyan refugees some better as it is now UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency #refugees #kenya #kenyanrefugees #health #sanitation #sdg6

To achieve sustainability, it is necessary to educate children about #sdg2030.
Santos Chris (Coordinator, Eco Club Kenya) visited the Kenyan school and educated the kids about #SDG6 Water and Sanitation, #SDG13 Climate Action, #SDG14 Life Below Water and #SDG15 Life on Land.
The kids were listening and absorbing all the mishappenings of the planet and were excited to play their role.

Santos Chris (Coordinator, Eco Club Kenya), Shakina Ebila, Ciku Debora (Members Eco Club Kenya. Team Kakuma Refugees Camp) organized a community awareness session on sustainability. How community can join their heads to improve their livelihoods and reduce their vulnerability to environmental and climate crisis.

Santos Chris (Coordinator, Eco Club Kenya) has engaged with the community to aware them about cleaning their environment in order to have a better livelihood that is safe for children and women.

Santos Chris (Coordinator, Eco Club Kenya) conducted a session on gender equality with young girl refugees in KAKUMA Refugees Camp, Kenya. It is important that women and girls get equal access to food, resources and opportunities and they contribute equally to work for environmental conservation. #kenya #ecoclubkenya #sdgsinkenya #genderequality