Today the whole world is facing so many issues of life insecurity, just because of little conflicts, injustice, misunderstandings; and wars among the people and countries. These obstacles are resisting the global development as a whole and live sustainability of the local people. But, very pleased to know about United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 16, which is to promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies. And thousands of people are engaged in implementing this goal in the global village.

Thus, at the present moment, we all local people have to follow some steps to complete this goal of peace and to make this Earth a suitable place to live on. Here, we need to do somewhat authentic commitment with ourselves for the betterment of our country, and plant the seed of peace and harmony at our reach and widen its branches all over. Today, make your resolution to bring peaceful and civilized change in our society because, we the present generation, are the changing agents and can bring significant changes to the public.

One has to adopt the following qualities as an individual:

Passionate Compatriots

The first quality everyone must have is the spiritual love for countrymen and others. And always remain much focused to do something generous for the general public welfare. Additionally, we all need to be sincere with others and remove all evils far from us.

Establish Unity

Unity means a state of being different bodies but one soul. Establish unity among people is the most important component to promote peace and justice in society. Having a strong unity, you can bring significant changes in our surroundings and will get uncountable benefits of that. If you have unity, you can do anything, which can bring a big positive change in society.

Social Services

Social works are the best way to serve humanity. This makes us realized our responsibilities and increasing love and care for humans in our hearts. We should always help the poor and needy people. Provide them the best so that they can settle a good lifestyle. Establish the implementable and best-serving ideas. Such as teaching the poor children, provide them relief, and other necessary things for life. We should never have any shame while doing any social work which adds relieves in other lives.

Love for Humanity

“People have become educated, yet have to become human” quoted by _Abdul Sattar Edhi, is the main and forgotten goal of human life. We, the people have made many parameters that have distinguished us from each other but the reality is that we all human beings are alike and possess the same heart and its beatings. Consequently, we have to say bye to the discriminations among us and flourish peace all around. As confirmed by the last sermon of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that “We all are equal in the eye of Allah”. Then why these discriminations let do us distinguished.

Ensure Justice

Our belonging society is full of cases of violence and injustice, and none is paying any attention to them. Poor are being pressed and landlords are taking their benefits. Here in our community, the poor and needy peoples are not given their proper rights and justice and thus they spend their life too troublous. Subsequently, we need to take strong steps against injustice with them and ensure justice in our country.

Say No to Fight

A little chocolaty fight can give rise to a giant fight among people. In our daily life, we come across to know many quarrels among people on nonsense disputes. This is the state of our society, where we are living today. Thus we need to change firstly ourselves and our mind. If we don’t change them, very soon we will be disappeared from the map of the world. We are responsible and change agents of our society.

Time With Parents

What you think are the most precious things in the world? They are the parents and nothing worth greater than them. Since they are God gifts to us. We have to keep their faces smiling forever. Nowadays, mobiles and computer have made our life too busy, that we never think to spend a little time with parents. From today, pledge yourself that you’ll spend your most time with parents, as their helping hands for comforting them. This will give their hearts the heavens relief.

Naturalistic, Love for Nature

Nature that includes every living species surrounding us, such as animals, plants, insects, marine life, is part of this balanced ecosystem. Those are playing their part in maintaining it. Unfortunately, we the careless and selfish individuals, have no awareness about their existence. Despite their species are in danger, yet we don’t take a step against hunting but are enjoying their tastes. We need to save the endangered species because once they are extinct can never be recalled. Thereafter, the Ecosystem will be unbalanced and that will be an unfavorable condition for all livings.

Calmness and Patience

The vital quantity that each compatriot should have is to act calmly and patiently. It will provide you good relief, flourishes mental health makes your mind depression lesser. Moreover, it helps you to take every decision very sincerely and honestly. Additionally, you’ll have a superior profile as well.

Finally, if we want to change our society then have to adopt all those qualities in ourselves. God willing, then we will have a peaceful and prosperous society all over.

About the Author:  Mr. Vishal Kumar is currently a student. He is a writer, nature photographer, human right activist and peace promoter.

Edited By: Amina Shahzadi