Batul Shabbir, Green Blogger

Green finance plays an essential role in delivering sustainable development goals. Green finance is any structured financial activity, a product or service that’s been created to ensure a better environmental outcome. It includes an array of loans, debt mechanisms, and investments that are used to encourage the development of green projects or minimize the impact on the climate of more regular projects. Or a combination of both. Green finance can ultimately offer clean and green technologies with a positive impact on the environment. It uses the ecological strategy for allocating the funds which are necessary for preserving the environment. Green finance can make the global economy stronger and secure

Moreover, based on the lessons learned from the global financial crisis in 2006-2009, the availing of the global warming and the need for more sustainable business practices, Green Finance Initiatives have also been addressing the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) Agenda by emphasizing the shift of focus from shareholders’ value creation (economic) to the generation of stakeholders’ value (economic, environmental and social).

Corporates and investors both need to work towards sustainable development. The Paris Agreement shows that governments are uniting to tackle environmental issues on a global scale, while businesses and financial institutions play a key role in the transition towards a sustainable economy.

The clock is running down on our ability to go off the consequences of climate change. Green financing is one of the excellent ways to make changes in the world and your life. It finances the technology that can save humanity and permits individuals to make changes to their homes and car to reduce their carbon footprint.

About the Author: Batul Shabbir is from Pakistan, a student of environmental engineering at Mehran university of engineering and technology and she is a green blogger