Urooj Fatima, Green Blogger

Green building term indicate that design or build structure in a way that has less negative impact on surrounding environment. Green building gain more attractiveness in overall world because conventional building produce CO2 gas, larger quantity of waste, more consumption of energy, and  wastage of water resource that directly or indirectly affect the environment and human health. EPA define the Green Building: “Green Building is practice of creating structure and using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource efficient throughout a building’s lifecycle from design, construction, operation, renovation and deconstruction. This practice expands and complements the classical building design concerns of economy, utility, durability and comfort.” Another name of green building is sustainable building or high performance building.

By making sustainable buildings, can decrease energy consumption 24-50%, CO2 production by 33-39%, water usage by 40% and landfill waste by 70%. Different international standards are made for green building to make more efficient building. In which one standard that adopt in overall world that is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) authorization system, it is rating system that ranked on the basis of efficiency. Pakistan Green Building Council (PGBU) is an organization and involve in the World Green Building that support and developed green building according to standard and guideline that organization also adopt the LEED certification system. In Pakistan, Green buildings popularity are at initial stage, Pakistan population increase day by day, so demand of buildings increase that has a chance to build sustainable building. In Pakistan, currently PGBC has completed 18 to 20 green building projects such as British Council Library in Lahore, NCC Karachi, World Bank Country Office- Islamabad etc. There are five element or component of Green building that are listed below:

·         Site planning and design

During selection of site, it must be consider, choose such site that is near to all basic facilities and transportation and should be prefer to make a building on previous established land.  It should not disturb the plant and animals habitat. The angle of building should be positioned according to sun’s position and wind direction. During construction, must consider the health of worker, take such measure to reduce noise pollution. There should be suitable sanitation and take necessary safety measure.

·         Water Efficiency

To reduce the wastage of water use innovative technique by using low-flow pipes fixture in toilet and kitchen. Install the rain water harvesting and gray water system in roof and outside area to recycled water and reduce the quantity of wastewater discharge in water body. In underground, build recharge pit for groundwater.

·         Energy Efficiency

To increase energy efficiency use renewable sources and have less impact on environment. The insulation material to control temperature and increase reduction in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system (HVAC) in Pakistan such as gypsum board, extruded polystyrene, polyurethane and hollow bricks. Roof gardening also install because it play vital role in control temperature especially in summer. Low e (Emissivity) windows are also effective. Use energy efficient T-8 and T-5 light bulb and energy efficient product. Install small scale solar panel energy generation system that help to reduce dependence on non-renewable resources.

·         Healthy Indoor environment

Keep Green building not only effective for environment but also for occupants. To ensure the healthy indoor environment, ventilation system design in such way that cross air from overall home especially basement, kitchen and bathroom to reduce moisture. Use low-VOC paint, and eco-friendly cleaning agent to reduce indoor pollution. Noise level should be reduced not more than permissible limit.

·         Building material and resources

In green building, use such materials that are reuse able, recyclable and long-lasting. Material should be come from renewable sources. Material such as cool bricks, fly ash brick, bamboos, native fast growing trees, recycle metal these material source are local and highly efficient and lower cost for transportation. Reduce waste as much as possible and remaining waste should be handle efficiently by segregate in different categories and transport to recycling facility.

There are many environmental, social and economic benefit of green building. It is important to aware the architecture and home owner and government should play role to move toward it.

About the Author: Urooj Fatima is a fresh graduate of environment at GCWUS. She is enthusiastic and keen for environmental problems.