Ms Iqra Ateeq, Green Blogger, Dept. of Environmental Sciences, GCWUS
As we are living on this earth. Are we the only one who is living?
No...There are million more who are living but we are superior of all.
We are superior that's why we can do anything we want.We can shoot a lion for his skin. We can put a pigeon in a cage because we love it as a pet.We can hunt animals just to delight ourselves. We can kill them for meat.We can ride on them.We can do all that things which shows our superiority.
What if you are living in a different situation, n a different world. What if, you are shot by lion.What if, you are eaten by a superior animal. What if, you a re in a cage to delight a pigeon. What if, you are a ride of a horse or a donkey.
What the life it will be?
Isn't it will be superior?
Think and leave space for animals. Give them equal space. They are also living on this earth.