Ms. Saher Pervez, Green Blogger, Environmental Sciences,GCWUS
Humans need to follow environmental ethics to save our planet earth, either we are Pakistani or from any other nation. We need to give respect to all living things either it is plant , animal , bird etc. We need to treat all these living things same as humans because if we provide them with care, love and affection , then we can't face any serious environmental issue like present conditions. If we don't disturb them, then there is no deforestation, there is no extinction of species, there is no destruction of food chain, there is no climate change, there is no air pollution and there are no serious environmental conditions like today. But firstly, we have to quit from our anthropocentric view of nature. We have to give right of "life" to all living things. It is not only beneficial to them, it's also advantageous for humans. If all the livings flourish, then the environmental conditions can be maintained.
Saher Pervez
Dept. of Evironmental Sciences, GCWUS
The Earth needs love.