Ms. Ayesha Latif, Green Blogger, Environmental Sciences, GCWUS
Green house effect is increasing day by day. We always talked about its anthropogenic causes but the fact is that natural causes counts a lot for the same destruction. Yes, I am talking about volcanic eruption. Volcanoes found on locations where tectonic plates diverge or converge. But volcanic eruption occurs due to the alteration of tectonic plates. Volcanic eruption sends out ash, rocks and lava on the earth’s surface.
It can be extremely damaging to environment, particularly because of a number of toxic gases. Carbon dioxide emitted from volcanoes adds to the natural greenhouse effect. Sulphur dioxide cause environmental problems because they converted into sulphuric acid in the stratosphere, the main cause of acid rain. Respiratory problems can be caused from the smoke and ash of volcanic eruption.
So keeping in view these all disadvantages and many others Cambridge university has made an research on this and they said that molten rock that feeds volcanoes can be stored in the earth’s crust for as long as thousands years, a result which may help with volcanic hazards management and better forecasting of when eruption might occur. They performed it practically in the laboratory.
It’s a great achievement but here a question arises that what could we do to the stored volcanoes?? So the answer is that volcanoes have a lot of advantages too. Volcanic ash helps farmers to have fertilized soil. Volcanoes help to move diamonds and metals towards the surface. It creates jobs through minning. It forms mountains by rocks so it is known as tourists’ attraction. So the stored volcanoes can be used for all beneficial purposes.
Ayesha Latif
Environmental Sciences, GCWUS
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