Ms. Aliza shahzad, Green Blogger, Environmental sciences, GCWUS.
“Rainwater harvesting is the method of collecting and storing of rainwater from roof of a home or building for later use”.
Rainwater harvesting is an ancient technique and has been practiced for thousands of years. In recent decades, to solve energy and water crisis throughout the world the American Rainwater Catchment System Association promotes sustainable rainwater practices.
From landscape irrigation to washing your car Rainwater harvesting practices offers a number of environmental and economic benefits.
· Rainwater harvesting reduce the threat of floods,.
· It also reduce the chances of flooding.
· Stored water can be used for irrigation
· Not only it benefits human infrastructures or environment but it also save municipalities money.
This stored rainwater can also be used for bathing, drinking, toilet flushing, for watering plants or gardens. For drinking purpose it requires some treatment before drinking.
Because rainwater harvesting bypasses the centralized water system, it conserves energy .it also decrease water contamination. Limiting runoff helps to decrease the contamination of surface water by sediments, fertilizers and pesticides. It helps to meet the demand of water throughout the world.
Aliza shahzad
Dept. Of Environmental sciences, GCWUS.
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