Ms. Asma Afzal, Green Blogger, Environmental sciences, GCWUS.
Move your lymph system. Lymph is like a sewage system that carries all of the toxins out of your body. Valentina Zelyaeva.”
Sewage and drainage is a big problem in Pakistan. Developing countries has some major environmental problems sewage and drainage is one of them. Lahore is the capital city of Punjab. It has population about 11.13 million and it plays a vital role in country’s financial system. As Lahore is populated city, though its urban infrastructure for instance water providing services should be improved as with growing population of city. Silted or choked gutter lines and drainage canals are hazardous for urban atmosphere of Lahore. As Lahore facing so many environmental issues like smog and polluted air is big problem in Lahore. The condition is very worse in monsoon time of year. It is not only obstacle to traffic and business but also rain the sanitary surroundings are major problem. It is an old city which is made without keeping in view the future requirements of population.
Sewage system in Lahore
The construction and maintenance of sewage system is very essential as without appropriate removal of waste water various types of plague will overcome society and its surroundings. Pakistan is water deficit country. Industrial water is used for irrigation in Punjab province. People of Pakistan faced exposed sewage and drainage system open pools, small well and open drainage.
Government should introduced new drainage system with improved form. So, these recreational venues could be made useful during monsoon. Government should have to made separate sewage system and implement laws for industries hospitals, schools and markets how to disposed of the waste and manage their sewage. What do you think about sewage problem in developing country like Pakistan it has sewage in many of its cities? Is our Government responsible? Some steps should be taken by government of Pakistan to control that issue for saving future generation and for clean environment because it will cause some other viral infections to human beings. Every single person is responsible to clean the environment.
Asma Afzal,
Department of Environmental sciences
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