Ms. Aliza Shahzad, Green Blogger, Dept. of environmental science, GCWUS
As we know that the method of conventional gardening is the use of pesticides or toxic chemicals that can be harmful to human health and also cause negative impacts on worms, fungi and other soil essential microbes. It also degrades the quality of soil, and disturbs soil structure as well as reduces the soil fertility and also causes soil erosion. Because pesticides are used in conventional gardening ,it effects not only on soil ,but also it pose a threat to human health by causing many serious diseases ,such as cancer, allergies, birth defects, Alzheimer’s and many other disorders. The truth is:
“Conventional farming is killing us.”
So, there must be a method that can be replaced by conventional gardening, that must be free of toxic chemicals, pesticides such as DDT which have a horror history, that how DDT adversely affect not only human beings but also other creature on earth. so, we must adopt a method that is environment friendly. Organic gardening is a substitute of conventional gardening that is a safe method.
Organic gardening is a concept of using manure and natural compost to grow plants and flowers. In this method, toxic pesticides or chemicals are avoided to protect plants. It is a healthful option if you are growing fruits, plants and vegetables without using any kind of pesticide.
Organic gardening is a safe process, because it does not degrade the quality of soil and do not damage the habitat and the environment.It is all about observing the nature’s processes and follow them in your garden as you can. It also enhances the fertility of soil. It increases the population of healthy worms, fungi and other soil microbes. If anything could be called a ‘Rule’ in organic gardening, it’s this:
“Feed the soil, not the plant”
In 1989, subsidies were introduced in several European countries, like Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Switzerland to encourage organic gardening, which changed 376,000 hectares of land by 10,000farmers into organic farming. In EUcountries the number of organic farmers has increase from 6,000 in 1985 to 48,000 today.
The total farm area in Pakistan is 19.7 million hectares, which is 28% of the total area of the country. The average size farms in 1972 were 5.2 hectares. There are only few organic farmers in Pakistan. Organic agriculture in the beginning shows lower yields than conventional agriculture but as its inputs are lower than conventional agriculture and labor in Pakistan is cheap.
Organic gardening proves to be very beneficial:
· Organic gardening improves the structure of soil and encourages the growth of soil essential microbes.
· Because organic gardening is chemical free method, so all vegetables and fruits are safe to consume.
· Natural compost is used in this method, so, it enhances the fertility of soil and also keeps the soil in good condition.
Do you want to make your own Organic garden?? We can make our organic garden at our place by simply following the steps below:
· Take a wooden box of about 1.5 to 2 feet deep, 3-4 feet long and 2-3 feet wide.
· Clean it and make 4-5 holes at the bottom for water to drain out.
· Take some fresh garden soil but make sure it is free from pesticides or chemicals.
· Now mix the natural compost in soil and mix the soil thoroughly.
· Cover the holes with very small pebbles so that the soil does not get in block.
· Put the soil in box.
· Now take some seeds and plant them in soil.
· Keep some distance between each seed, as we know that plant needs space to grow.
· Take care to water your seeds and make sure that they do not get too much sun or rain.
· Keep checking, when required you can add more manure.
Aliza Shahzad
Dept. of environmental science, GCWUS
The Earth Needs Love