World planting day was set aside to celebrate and recognize the role of plants on the ecosystem as well in people's lives. The day is dedicated to planting whatever you possibly can from trees, flowers, vegetables and also spreading awareness on the importance of plans in the world as well as encouraging people to plant trees, flowers. World planting day is commemorated on the 21st of March each year and it coincide with the United Nations day of forest, so to celebrate people might combine the activities and lessons for the day.

More on World Planting Day

World planting day was also set aside to raise awareness on importance of plants and how humans can partner in ensuring the health of plants and trees. How they van collaborate in safeguarding the health and safety of plants, the day is also to campaign for the planting of trees and encourage families and communities to have a planting area where they plant or a garden. The theme for 2024 is, forests and health. On this day Organizations are encouraged to campaign for trees, plants and encourage people to plant and take care of plants.

On world planting day people should learn on the importance of plants so that they may understand why they need to participate in planting. People must be taught the consequences of human actions like deforestation, and burning forests, destroying flowers and some plants. The day also recognize the importance of plants in reducing climate change, they must be educated on disadvantages of climate change, so that they may take initiative and work to improve the world by planting a single plant or having a garden. Plants are very important as they provide food for all terrestrial organisms, they also supply oxygen, they are used to make medicines (some trees and plants), they control soil erosion and they produce fruits.

What to Do on World Planting Day ?

·         Plant a tree

·         Make a garden

·         Volunteer with Organizations that deals with trees and other plans to improve your knowledge and skills.

·         Do a research on plans and learn how maintain plants in good health and also encourage your community to plant trees and other plans.

·         Do campaigns on social media

About the Author: Anesu Samantha Chatikobo is a Social work student at University of Zimbabwe and is very passionate about the environmental issues and social issues