Water is most essential components of human life, its existence in every form of life. As we know that, water are the universal solvent, it collecting all the elements of the environment.

World Water Monitoring day was established to educate and encourage the people how to monitor the water quality and components in local areas. Now a day, water pollution is a serious problem, and it is important to learning the methods how to identify and monitor the water quality, take care of water quality, and how to prevent to detoriate the quality of water.

The main aims for world water monitoring day is to take actions so that your local waterways are protected. For example, organize a cleanup drive, work with your community, and increase awareness through social media.

It mainly focused to build public involvement and awareness related to water resources protections and ensuring the citizens are empowered to carry out the monitoring of their local water bodies.

History of World Water Monitoring Day:

In 2003, the World water monitoring day was created by the American Clean water Foundations. The program, named the “World Water Monitoring Challenge” and Earth Echo Water Challenging”. It mainly focused to build a program that reached to all over the world to encourage the people to raise awareness about water pollution issues and motivate the people to get test of your local water bodies qualities.

The World Water Monitoring day celebrated on September, 18. Initially, this date was chosen on 18 October to recognize the anniversary of US Clean Water Act. But in 2007, was changed to facilitate the participant where the temperature reached in freezing condition at that time.

In 2009, the program introduced from March 22 to December 31 in order to collect the groups that wish to monitor the water bodies during that period.

According to the report of 2002, approximately 80,000 people have participated in 50 countries.

In 2008, students from different countries, participate in water sampling to bring some attention for the importance of water quality.

Celebrate the World Water Monitoring Day:

The day is reminder that it is a time to check the water quality in your areas. The testing kits are available from a lots of resources. Be sure, to ask them for a result so you can report than on water reporting sites. This methods beneficial because each and every one should get clean water.

Take a look on your tap water, because we are seeing water from a municipal water sources that is monitored and treated against pollution and diseases by government authorities.

Conducting simple monitoring tests that teaches participants about some common indicators of water health and encourage more participants for monitoring the water bodies.

About the Author: Aqsa Abid has completed her BS in Environmental Sciences from GCWUS. She is a green blogger and a climate activist.