Thousand have lived without love not one without water” (W.H.Auden)

The prominent quotation is mind enlightening note that enable us to open the window of mind and sneak a look in the depth of the significance of water. Water is soul of life often linked with every bit of existence on earth.  Water is magical molecule with its simple composition. Polar and worthy confined in water bodies regulating geochemical cycles, running agriculture regimes, aquatic life, daily household, industrial needs, supporting planet in all possible ways.  Water bodies including river, sea, and ocean are the constant energy generation units carrying out oxygen production, accommodating multiple varieties of creatures in their boundaries and supporting many organisms hence nurturing them in a categorical manner.  These water territory add aesthetic beauty in the areas and add an essence of being planet decorators.  These not only support life form but also are linked to Natural Circular economy, which is very suitable way to balance an ecosystem naturally. In World Bank perspective, the term of blue economy has been used for deliberating proper and Conscientious utilization of ocean assets to comprehend the value of these ocean entities in improving various areas of life including conservation of ecosystem.

Harnessing energy from nature is natural and trendy way that has widespread as a keen concept because even a layman is sentient of the fact that nature has bequeath us in magnanimous way that cannot be paid-off.  Blue economy concept has presented a new era of acquiring economical, health, industrial and unlimited reimbursement in every sector.  Few are mention below

Providing Job Oppurtunities

According to an estimate 60 million individuals are engaged in aquaculture and fisheries.  While 350 million individuals are deployed in tourism.  However people associated with Blue economy in Europe are estimated to be five million during year 2020.  

Livelihoods and Food

Blue economy venues and activities endow with a livelihood for an estimate of  820 million across the globe Fish protein has its own status and fish serves as a immense source to satisfy food consumption needs by global population serving as 15.7% of protein consumption by animal origin. 

Growth Rates

Generation of economic benefits, wealth and trade benefits are all wonders of Blue economy. Aqua culturing is an emerging trend with increase of 6.6% per annum.  


WWF has illustrated that 2/3 of ocean worth is dependent on well being of ocean and the conditions of oceans are worsening due to various factors that are threat to health of ocean these contributing causes are climatic changes and fluctuations, dilemma like dumping chemical waste in to oceans, excessive or over use of resources without replacing them with the possible substitute and thus creating an irreparable damage to role of ocean as carbon sink and climatic regulator that are doors to economic growth of upcoming era linked to welfare of people .

Ocean and Shipping

Oceans provide a venue to trade goods it has been estimated that more than 90 percent of trade take place by sea.

Blue Economy as a Gateway towards Sustainability

As apparent from over all dynamics of ocean by researching and exploring all the hidden aspects of ocean scientists, Investors, and all kind of people can step forward to properly conserve the treasure that water resources of planet is blessed with as it is crucial to living because management and sane utilization of resources is better than future regrets.  Blue economy is linked with all possible spheres of life.  If human is smart enough to understand the hidden benefits along with realizing the cost of these entities then replenishing of gaps and problems would be easy but if negligent then a disaster is about to knock in the form of climate change, flooding, earthquakes, extreme weathers and natural disasters that are unusual or unexpected.  Keeping in view all these phenomenon proper use of ocean and blue economy should be encouraged as we are dwellers of this planet and we have to rescue it, to make it a improved place to live in along with all its component that are present in balanced form encompassing all resources that are well distributed.  Nature has never made a man poor in spite of this it has given us opportunities to reveal its power and to harvest maximum from it without harming it creating an environment where all the components can flourish, render services to one another and thus creating relationships that are endless.  It is the Ocean that bears pearl,  raw material for making things, food, waves and wind that can be used to harvest energy, most probably the vastness that it provide to sail on voyage and transport goods.  All that lie inside it and all that is being exploited are all need a ardent planning plus application or use rather than   an apprehension of how to over exploit it and bring all to end.  Ocean welfare is human prosperity while ocean downfall is death for all. We should regard oceans as kidney of earth if kidney fails it is death warrant for all that is the reason ocean is top target of sustainable developmental goals to be cope with in categorical manner.

About the Author: Wajeeha Razzaq