With the advancement of time and technology, we are becoming more aware about the impacts which are getting worse and severe. This is significant that we are shifting from conventional energy sources to renewables, we know that the conventional energy resources are limited, and a time will come when they will be finished, so it was need to seek methods and technology by which we can get energy which can be used again and again without harming the environment and limited resources. 

US EPA says that the highest benefits are achieved through green energy which includes the wind, solar, biomass and hydroelectric. 

Describing the types of energy first one is Solar energy, it is the cleanest source of energy, which we get from Sun. Star produce incredible amount of energy in the process of nuclear fusion, it is process by which minor atoms are bonded by heat energy and pressure to produce heavier atoms with radiations, this energy is collected and then converted usable electricity. 

Another energy sources which is powered by Sun in Wind energy. This is due to the uneven heating of atmosphere is specific regions. This uneven heating is caused by the topology of our planet and its spin and orbital movement around sun. further the winds are also controlled by the surface from which they are passing.  

Hydroelectric power is mainly obtained from the harnessing the energy stored or we can say the force of the flowing water. This is naturally achieved by gradient and anthropogenically by storing water as reservoir and increasing energy per meter square.  This can be achieved by constructing a dam and obtain energy.    

Biogas is the only fuel we obtained from waste material, mainly a by-product of an organic matter decomposition. This gas is obtained from material which include sewerage, kitchen waste and agricultural waste. These materials area stored in oxygen deficient environment which start the process of fermentation and produce methane and carbon dioxide and other gases in minor amount. Methane gas is sold or used at homes for cooking and electricity generation purpose, remaining material serve as a nutrient rich fertilizer.   

Biomass like biogas is also a source of green energy which comes from both plants and animals and they contain the stored energy of Sun in the form of sugar and fibers. When we convert biomass into usable energy we get biogas liquid, biofuel, and biodiesel. 

The benefits obtained from green energy are reduced carbon emissions, reducing the environmental harm further creating job opportunities as investing in green technologies and buying green energy.   

Sun which is basic source of energy, which produce enough energy to run the whole planet, but the technologies we use are outdated and are not efficient, which run on non-renewable energy and depleting the environment. Green energy is more efficient as compared to traditional ones. It is time to switch to renewable energy so as to move towards sustainability and save our planet earth.

According to World bank report, Pakistan has huge potential of wind and solar power, utilizing only 0.071% of country area for installation of Photovoltaic cells, country power needs can be fulfilled. On the other hand, wind is also an abundant resource and country has well known wind corridors available with avg speed of 7.87 m/s.    

Despite a number of successful projects, Pakistan's installed solar and wind energy capacity is just around 4% of total capacity, or about 2% of total power, at just over 1,500 Megawatts. But still projects are in process to shift country’s energy load towards Sustainability. 




About the Author: Meraj Ahsan Qureshi is a young motivated EHS official , dedicated to aware and create positive change in society.