The term "green economy" refers to the economy that improves human wellbeing and sustainably using natural resources to eradicate poverty and maintaining the structure and function of ecosystems. Green economy consists of action and goals to reduce the level of pollution in the environment by adopting the use of renewable resources which are greener, and at the same time proper management of the renewable energy.

Green economy has to do with resource efficiency by meeting the two challenges of maintaining the natural ecosystems and resource management and their environmental impact to achieve sustainable development. Reducing the environmental Impact of our business can help in sustaining our business because we have reduced the over dependence on nonrenewable resources which can deplete anytime without our notice.

Green economy can be the best way we can sustain our environment for our present and future needs by utilizing the renewable resources in our environment such as the solar energy, water resource, the biomass, the geothermal, air and many among others. The solar energy can be used to generate energy like electricity to a whole country instead of using fossil fuels that increase greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere leading to depletion of the ozone layer. Studies have shown that the increase in use of nonrenewable resources has resulted in resource depletion, degradation of the natural environment, and health issues especially those who are close to the refinery plants. The use of renewable resources will perfectly reduce all these environmental problems and improving the health of the environment while preserving the nonrenewable for our future use.

In Addition, the green economy also helps in maintaining the structure and function of the ecosystem because the use of resources like the air, water and biomass are environmentally friendly which do not cause harm to organisms. For example, practicing sustainable agriculture maintains the function of the ecosystem and sustains the environment while improving farmers wealth because it does not require more investment than unsustainable agriculture.

Sustainable agriculture involves the use of only organic manure on the farm which is less expensive than the inorganic fertilizer .Adding to that, organic farming improves the growth of soil organic matter and does not pollute the air , water, soil and improves the quality of our environment by reducing pollution.

Greener economy reduces one’s cost for example using product that are recyclable reduces cost and save more money for instance recycling paper at your workplace will help you look more environmentally friendly than your competitors and at the same time saving money to your pockets. One can also reduce or avoid printing of unnecessary things and encouraging your workers on double sided printing helps in reducing environmental littering.

Moreover ,we encourage the green economy by making green purchases . This can be done through buying goods that can be recycled and choosing the ones that have less environmental Impact. For example, we can improve the quality of the environment by eliminating the use of  products or materials   that take a longer time before they degrade and substituting it with the one that degrades in a few weeks or months.

Greener purchase can also be achieved through buying goods that can be easily recycled, reuse and are resource recovery in our business. Taking time to know what resources need to be recycled or reuse before taking to the landfill can reduce spending of money to buy other new goods.

Industries can be the leading team in achieving a greener  economy because they are the major factor that cause pollution in our environment. Changing the ways of their production into greener products helps in reducing pollution in the environment and reduces social problems.

Using biodegradable and renewable resources will reduce climate change, which will also boost one's economy because the business does not depend on nonrenewable energy which usually increases in cost when there's climate change.

Brown economy can be eliminated through management or smart use of resources and understanding each resource with their environmental impact. We can achieve a desired increase in the level of humans with the use of renewable energy because they can easily replenish and do not deplete over time unlike nonrenewable energy which pollutes the environment and causes hazardous health damages to living organisms.

Social problems like water scarcity due to water pollution will eventually come to an end  or reduced drastically because the waste and biomass can be used to generate energy  and reduce taking waste to landfill, improper waste disposal which pollutes the water. This will finally improve human health because the rate of water borne diseases will be reduced in our communities.

Practicing a green economy can also be the best way to eradicate poverty, reduce environmental pollution , control climate change and global warming to achieve sustainable development.

About the Author: Aisha Adam Bularafa is a 400-level student of Environmental Management technology in Nigerian Army university Biu Borno state. She is a green blogger who is passionate about the Environment.