The whales are called the giants of the ocean. The whole world celebrates them on World Whale Day. This day aims to raise awareness about whales and their beauty as well as their ecological value to the planet.

Happy World Whale Day!

World Whale Day urges us of the challenges faced in our oceans across the globe. World whale day is generally observed annually on the third Sunday in February. On this day the World celebrates these noble sea mammals. Also, the Blue whale is called the most charming animal that lives in our oceans.

All kinds of whales whether the tremendous blue whale or the enthralling narwhal has been hunted for their meat and oil for centuries. But these days as the ocean is facing many environmental problems such as air pollution, water toxicity, oil exploration etc., the whale's existence is facing a threat because of that. Statistics says that whales are losing their habitat and overall, their population. We all need to put serious concerns about this.

History of World Whale Day

World Whale Day has started in Maui, Hawaii in 1980 to honor the humpback whales. These whales used to swim off the coast of this tropical island. This day began as an idea of  Greg Kauffman, founder of the Pacific Whale Foundation, to make enormous attention to the risk of extinction of humpback whales. 

Because these humpback whales were the main attraction for the Maui Whale Festival. Every year many tourists visit the island to enjoy the free all-day event, organized by the Pacific Whale Foundation. But World Whale Day is not about just Humpback whales. It's about protecting all the whales that exist in our oceans.

The sad part is our ocean is not safe or clean anymore. Oceans used to be the best habitats for the whales as well as for all the lives out there. Now with the ocean getting polluted toxic the habitats of whales going towards the threat. If we want to save this mighty creature of the earth, we should pay attention right now.

And world whales’ day is the best start for this. Let's all act together.

How to Celebrate World Whale Day

Can organize events, parades, aquatic theme-based films, or cultural activities also can play a role.

Can help to clean the ocean. Oceans are the natural habitat of whales but due to all the pollutants and toxic elements dumped in the ocean, the sea environment is changing. Also because of climate change along with the other mammals the whales also had to migrate to suitable habitats. To protect the domestic environment for whales we should all work on saving the ocean agenda.

Even beginning with a little step will help eventually. Such as:

  • No plastic the beach
  • Use less water for less runoff in the ocean
  • Prevent oil exploration
  • Reduce chemical dumping on the ocean
  • Increase the use of nontoxic chemicals
  • Shop reusable and renewable products
  • Increase the number of ecological products for households

Whales are not only a big part of the oceans but also our Earth's ecosystem. Whales play a big role in balancing the eco pyramid. So, World whale day can be a great cause to fight for.

About the Author: Farjana Yeasmin Nishita is a Public Relationship Officer,  Certified Youth Advocate, Green Blogger and a Researcher.