Desertification and Drought are become the issue of all continents except Antarctica. It affects all the people of world, billions of people are displaced, millions of caused health problems and  food shortage which ultimately led to poverty and hunger in the whole global village in general and developing countries in particular. Drought is directly proportional to the process of desertification. The starting process of desertification is Drought.

Its really amazed to know that international community has celebrated several days with auspices of United Nations. The basic purpose is that to spread the awareness of a particular problem among the common people. Among them, World Day to Desertification and Drought is most important one that is interrelated with all problems and issues. United Nations General Assembly has passed the Resolution in 1995 in favor of this day. For the sake of awareness about Desertification and Drought, 17th June is observed as World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought every year. From then the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought has been celebrated with different themes. The theme of 2021 is : Restoration, Land, Recovery; we build bock better with healthy land “

Desertification is an expanding and alarming issue of status quo  The United Nations officially define it as “ Land Desertification in typically dry areas resulting from various factors including climatic variations and human activities”. There are several causes behind the growing speed of desertification such as urban planning, overgrazing, food security, overpopulation, smuggling wood, mismanagement of resources, migration of birds and much more. All these causes affect the environment, decreasing in the food production, flooding, water scarcity, health issues, global warming are the prominent.

According to UNESCO, one-third of world’s land surface is threatened by desertification and it affects  the livelihood of millions of people who depend on the benefits of ecosystems that drylands provide. The rate of deforestation is increasing day after day. Interestingly, desertification affects the developing countries and especially African countries where the people do not put their heed to the desertification.

Drought is caused due to the shortage of water which means water scarcity happens before the Drought. Global Warming adds fuel to the speed of these interrelated issues. Due to COVID-19 the policy makers should formulate the policy  in the light of “ Restoration, Land, Recovery : We build back better with healthy land”. For the restoration of Earth “as the theme of Earth Day 2021, to achieve the targets of SDGs are become the need of hour. SDG Goal 15: Life on Land states the resolve of the United Nations and SDGs signatory nations to halt and reverse land degradation. Furthermore, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development declares that “we are determined to protect the plant from degradation.

What we can do to achieve the Restoration, Land, Recovery :We build back better with healthy land”?

Developing countries should try to stop or decrease the speed of overgrazing which is very common in developing countries and farmers are also not educated. So, government should formulate the policy in which education of farmers, rules and regulations and monitoring must be included.

Urban planning by cutting tress is the worst thing of educated people. Why it happened? the main purpose of urban planners is to earn money not converse the environment. Furthermore, government policies are not effective, political influences are the stumbling block in the way of  friendly-environmental urban planning. This point needs consideration.

Overpopulation is one of the basic root of all issues and problems. Over exploitation, hunger, poverty all are depend the number of population. Just like developed countries, developing countries should follow the Family Planning and focus on educating society.

Wood smuggling mafias are the major factor behind the speedy rate of deforestation. In addition, agrarian people face adverse poverty and literacy rate is quite low, so to meet the demand of stomach, they involved in the practice of cutting trees which leads to drought and deforestation.

·         The main purpose to observe World Day to Combat Desertification & Drought on 17th June to raise the awareness among the masses.

Electronic and social media should play the advertisement which on this particular day.

Ministry of Education should organize the social event (Online Webinars, and different competitions among the students and youth.

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed” Gandhi.

About the Author: Muhammad Owais is a Geologist and an Educationist with an aim to work for environment, climate, and sustainable development. He is an Alumni of American E Teacher 202 and Professional Mentor for Jobs Preparation. He stands up to review the educational curriculum that spurs the motivation among students of climate change that is the only way forward.