Meraj Ahsan Qureshi, Environmentalist

The climate, we know in which everything is balanced, taking the example to greenhouse gases entering and leaving the atmosphere keeping the earth temperature normal. Then after, the introduction of anthropogenic activities in the atmosphere make it worse and increased temperature about 1.5C every year as predicted by International Panel of Climate Change (IPCC), which is further causing chain reaction of degradation of environment. Taking the example of increased pollution, which ultimately increase the temperature of earth causing the snow caps and glaciers to melt at rapid rate. This process causing flooding and natural disasters in low lying areas, in addition to this rising the sea level due to excess water wastage in sea, further causing island to submerged in sea as to maintain the balance of earth. So in this way life on earth will extinct.

Secondly the environmental problems caused by the climate change are multiple, on top of it is” increased temperature” which ultimately cause shortage of water and droughts. These droughts further causes impact to the vegetation. When canals and river would be dried out, it would cause shortage of food supplies and insect outbreak. Last year locust outbreak was seen in Indo Pak, which impacted crops of and shortage of food supplies. Further the anthropogenic activities mainly the transportation and industries produce such hazardous and untreated waste water directly into drains and further send to rivers, which impact the habitat of river. Same water is distributed to the vegetation which become the part of food chain and ultimately consumed by us. Industries not only produce wastewater but hazardous air emissions which pollutes the air and cause impact on human life. Nitrous Smog is one of the best example of air pollution, smog is combination of fog and nitrogen oxide combined with low temperature and wind speed remain suspended in air causing lower visibility and irritation in eyes and throat. So the health is also directly affected by anthropogenic activities.

It is dire need to create awareness about climate and environmental degradation among different age groups and to implement local and international environmental regulations, and creating a safer environment for our upcoming generations.  

About the Author: Meraj Ahsan Qureshi is a young environmentalist, health safety professional and social activist. He is dedicated to aware and improve environment  and society through constructive efforts.