Wardah Razzaq, Green Blogger

Climate change is one of the unprecedented challenges which our planet, “Earth” and mankind faces today. We have already encountered unpredictable glacial melting, rising sea levels, raging wildfires, the migration of various dangerous parasites, disease vectors like, mosquitoes, ticks and a myriad of extreme and devastating weather events. This all indicates that the situation would likely to get worsened in future if, not controlled timely.

What is Climate Change?

Climate change is basically a change in global or regional climate patterns over time. Mostly, the term refers to the rapid changes in the Earth’s temperature and weather patterns since the late 1800s. It, is caused due to an increased proportion of the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere but this concept should not be confused with the concept of. “Global Warming”.

The Facts About Climate Change

Climate change is one of a real problem and it is not just a topic of political debate. It, demands proactive steps for its spread across the globe. The, amount of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere matters. Greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide are the number one contributor to climate change. Other than that, transportation, energy and industries are also among the significant contributors to the disastrous climate change. As, a result of it temperature rises, wildlife's are effected and droughts and floods becomes very common.

The Myths

First, myth related to it is that more carbon dioxide is beneficial for the plants. It, is true that plants growth increased in the 80s and 90s, but this trend seems to be slowing down. Plants require carbon dioxide for their survival but they also needs water and droughts are becoming very common and more severe.

Secondly, climate change cannot be attributed to human activity. Many, researchers claims the fact that climate change is one of a natural process and not as the result of human activity. But human-created greenhouse gases mainly lead to climate change.

How You Can Help?

Climate change is one of a global problem. But you can get rid of this by reducing your carbon footprint. Walk instead of driving, buying locally sourced food, eating less meat and more vegetables are some of the excellent simple ways to help. Support energy suppliers and green energy.

About the Author: A graduate of environment from PU. She is an environmentalist, an environmental writer and a climate activist. She is envisioned to raise awareness among the people related to different environmental issues and committed at guiding and making the people aware that how they can become the responsible citizens of Pakistan sustainably and environmentally friendly. She loves to write on nature, environment and climate.