Aqil Khan Bazai, Student, QAU Islamabad 

Maintenance of biodiversity is sin qua non for survival of living things on the watery planet. Balochistan, being the biggest province of Pakistan; here there is only dry mountains where there is lack of water, shortage of food for animals and the lack of other basic necessities. Here, the biggest problem is the unchecked hunting of animals which puts them on endangered list of animals. Today, animals in Balochistan are endangered by the elite class of Pakistan and other hunters coming to province for hunting different animal species without the consent of the government. Breaching of the law is the norm of the day. Forest protection department is seen nowhere in the province. In such grim situation, it becomes an obligation if very single individual to put efforts for the protection of endangered species of animals. 

Markhor is the national animal of Pakistan. It is hunted on large-scale across the country; specially in Balochistan. According to report published by the Pakistan Forest Institution, declining numbers of the endangered Suleman Markhor was at its peak a year or so ago but with loyal efforts of the aforesaid department has turned things around. Number of the Suleman Markhor has doubled in this period. 

 I’m highly surprised of the ostensible approach  the people from high profile who come here and hunt the markhors just for the showing off markhor horns, heads in front of their homes but they do not realize that by hunting markhors they become endanger.

Suleman Markhor is the national animal of Pakistan due to its quality meat and strong branched horns people hunt them. The (IUNC) International Union for Conservation of Nature put the Suleman Markhor in the red list of threatened species, and in a recent survey showed that Khalifat mountain has only eight (8) female and two (2) male Suleman markhors were spotted in the area.

Hunting is not the major cause of endangered or threatened of all the rare animals. As we know that endangered species are overwhelmingly threatened by the climate change, according to (YFA) Yet Federal Agencies 99.8% endangered species are sensitive to climate change. Like climate change do, disappearing the ground water in Khalifat mountain range due to which this specie has to face deficiency of water. Many environments desecrate component such as deforestation, population expansion and the most disordering act of pollution in the ecosystem impose the lives of rare animals in danger.

According to a survey there are only seven Suleman Markhors left, so for that government is obliged to focus and give attention to this problem.  Should protect these Markhors as well as other animals too before it is too late. To ban hunting is not the only solution but to protect and precaution the markhor, birds and other marine life. Awareness is most integral for the indigenous people. The government and concerned departments should stop the issuance passes for hunting to the tourists. government has to impose strict ban on passes to the tourist for hunting. I personally feel that I being a student should highlight the issue and take all feasible steps for the survival these endangered species.

About the Author: Aqil khan Bazai is a student of Environmental science at Quaid-e-Azam university Islamabad.