Ms. Ayesha Latif, Green Bloger, Dept. of Environmental sciences, GCWUS
Energy is our essential need. When there is power shortage our system of life disturbs. There is always need for clean air to breath. The prevailing sources of energy are destroying our atmosphere and polluting the air. Thus we are paying the cost of clean environment for energy requirement. Alternative source of energy is the only solution in this industrial era. Waste food may be utilized for this purpose.
Wasted food accounts for a worldwide economic loss of an estimated USD 1.3 trillion $ every year and most of the discarded food goes into landfills. Producing methane gas for cooking and heating purpose from waste food exist already, but energy production in petroleum form may be new technology. Canadian scientists also used natural fermentation to produce a biodegradable as a source of energy. In this technology waste food is collected and put into a tanker where a microbial cocktail mixed with microorganisms and nutrients that trickles through the waste food. As microorganisms eat and digest food waste they spit out a chemical byproduct called carboxylate which has high potential use as a substitute for petroleum or crude oil. This chemical may also be used to replace petroleum based chemical in a host of products including drugs and plastic packaging.
This system has been installed in many developed countries on small and medium scales and their next step is its implementation on large scale. Pakistan is an under developing country and it may be difficult to use this technology. Therefore some measures may be adopted to reduce the use of fossil fuel, including conservation of electricity at home, use public transport, Green your car means make it energy efficient and keep its engine efficient, Raise awareness and use alternative sources of energy such as solar, geo, wind power and biofuel to make our life better and healthy.
“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.”