Ms. Urooj Fatima, Green Blogger, Dept. of Environmental Sciences, GCWUS
Do you like to visit mountains? Everyone will say "yes". But have you ever visited trash mountain? Have you ever heard about trash mountain? Have you ever thought that trash mountain can exist?
Can you believe that this mountain can exist on our Earth. This trash mountain exist in the Ghazipur. And Ghazipur is a town in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India, which is generally viewed as the world's most contaminated capital. And everyone has played his/her role in polluting the area. The vast dump of rubbish rises by 10m every year. India’s Supreme Court has warned red lights will have to be put on the top to warn aircraft.It all needs to be stopped as the continuous dumping has severely polluted the air and ground water.
With a rapidly growing population and increasing consumption this is only set to continue. Indian cities generate 62 million tons of waste each year and current projections say this will increase to 165 million by 2030. Birds of prey, stray dogs, rats and more than 1,000 waste-pickers many of whom are children comb through the 2,000 tons of garbage that is dumped at the landfill daily. Fires that can last for days regularly break out due to methane gas being belched out from the dump. In 2018 part of the mountain collapsed, killing two people. People living nearby say the air is so toxic they can hardly breathe and many have complained of acute respiratory and stomach problems. Earlier this year India has banned imports of waste plastic in a bid to close the gap between waste generation and recycling capacity. It has also committed to completely phasing out single-use plastics by 2022.
Environmentalists say that without government standardization in recycling systems and greater industry efforts to reduce plastic consumption and production, change will not come. People should think about it and they should reduce the use of plastic in their life. Otherwise it will become worst in future.
How about we consider our nation in the event that we won't stop or conquer the utilization of plastic and tossing trash on streets and water then we will confront this issue as well. We should make our obligation to clean our streets and nation. With the goal that we won't confront this issue in our nation.