Asma Afzal, Green Blogger. 
Urban sprawl is mainly unrestricted growth in many urban areas of housing, commercial development, large or massive use of land without any urban or land use planning. Effects of Urban sprawl on environment Urban sprawl effects our environment, health, safety. Urban sprawl is associated with various environmental concerns urban sprawl creates environmental social economic impacts for both cities and over the country. It also creates serious weather climatic changes Environment; Urban sprawl is associated with number of environmental impacts it causes land degradation, loss of biodiversity, endangered native species. Due to urbanization it damages ecological succession and public education and native vegetation. It increases the rate of flood due to impervious road surfaces and parking. Health; urban sprawl has negative impacts on health of human being, due to high vehicle emissions, air pollution reduced mobility physical activity of humans and produced negative consequences like chronic medical conditions and mental health disorders. Safety; Heavy reliance on automobiles and greater population in cities cause traffic issues air pollution accidents crashes. Urban sprawl is major issue in Pakistan urban sprawl from the last three decades, increased in Lahore more than 98pc. Similarly, in Islamabad it increases as 40pc whereas 35pc forest areas has been lost during the same time period. Pakistan’s urban development is dialectical of urban affluences and urban vulnerable urban affluences is limited few while vulnerability is collectively shared rest of society. Due to urban sprawl Lahore has one of the worst quality of air in the world. The 21st century urban interference in Pakistan is a blend of high end housing societies malls and slums settlements expensive underpass and toxic air quality. New housing societies built and they these housing societies disposed locals form of livelihoods. There is need to control urban sprawl and make urban planning with land use planning to overcome upcoming disasters due to urban sprawl. As; Robert Smithson said: The slurbs, urban sprawl, and the infinite number, of housing developments of the post war boom have contributed to the architecture of entropy.