Ayesha Latif, Green Blogger
Japan is broadly considered as one of the most modern and progressive economies countries in the world regard to their dedication to promote environmental protection. Indeed Japan been particularly responsive to addressing both air pollution and the harmful dangers associated with nuclear power plants. In the past Japan is the country that had faced most massive disasters, from earthquakes to tsunami. Disasters leaves their destroying marks not only on economy but also on environment of an country, but it is strange that now Japan has become the most cleanest country in the world.
Let’s figure out how Japan has become so clean: The most important thing is that Japanese own their problems and find their solutions by themselves, they do not rely on others to solve their problems .
Less public trash cans? No problem! : In our country, the reason we have so many public trash cans is to discourage people from just throwing stuff on the ground. But Japanese people don’t look forward to others to take care of their waste they have been taught that you should always take responsibility of your own mess and take any garbage you create home with you to dispose of.
Use your own bag for your garbage: it helps remind people to mind their manners.
Private businesses and homes are expected to keep their areas clean: Japanese believe that Why would you need street cleaners when you have a potentially endless source of inhabitants to pool from in the buildings along the sidewalk? In Japan Every morning various people in Japan sweeping up around their house or place of employment.
There is an art to tossing things asunder: I found it quite interesting way because in Pakistan neighbours took serious interest in others matters. On recyclable garbage days they’ll be expected to separate their garbage mindfully. And just to make sure they do, neighbors take turns overlooking the whole process .Neighbours look if Didn’t separate your newspapers from your magazines before stacking them on the pile? Didn’t rinse that soy sauce jar before tossing it in the recyclables bin? You’ll have to take it back.
Clean it up before it becomes noticeable: In Japan Volunteer litter cleaning organizations help keep awareness by collecting unnoticeable garbage such as cigarette butts hiding behind shrubs. These are few steps by adopting which Japan is progressing.
According to my point of view we could implement theses all in pakistan but The important aspect to keep in mind here is social pressure. For those who didn't learn from parents, teachers and respected peers that one shouldn't litter, fear of public rebuke may deter people from casting away trash. Of course, as you would expect in any population, some have never learned these lessons and so continue to causally discard rubbish. Our religion Islam also teaches us cleanliness if Japanese as shintoists and Buddhists could be so responsible then why we as an muslims could not???
About the Author: Ayesha latif is a student of Environmental Sciences at GCWUS. She is passionate to write about environment and to aware people about it .