Sparrow flies up above the world so high

Little creatures of the sky

As they are always shy

They keep their spirits ally

Sparrow is term applied to diminutive birds that possess tapering bills for eating food such as seeds.  Traditionally it is a name that refers to old world family known as Passeridae that has order Passeriformes and it also applies to members of Emberizidae.  There are various kinds of sparrows depending upon geographical regions. 


First World Sparrow Day was celebrated on March 20, 2010.   This initiative was started by The Nature Forever Society that gain popularity all around the globe along.  NFS collaborated with Eco-Sys Action Foundation that is from France

Consequence of World Sparrow Day

Sparrow being most ubiquitous bird on earth has accompanied human for decades.  These gorgeous living things are considered as emblem of loyalty and sociability

Role of Sparrow in an ecosystem

Seed dispersal

Sparrows engage in recreation role as well as functional role they gear up for dispersion of seed

Different types of seeds including grass, sunflower, fruits, thistle, weed and berries thus expanding the producers in various environments. 

Controller of insect population or bio control organisms

Sparrows feed on multiple kinds of diets including worms, caterpillars, aphids, worms and beetles that often damage plants.  Sparrow helps in natural control of these notorious entities. Ensuring survival of plants.

Serve as food for many consumer

Sparrows help to fulfil need of food for various animals that maintain balance in ecosystem Instance of this can be quoted as sharp-shinned hawks hunt on sparrows to consume as food. 

Innovative technique to commemorate World Sparrow Day

  • Arranging walks and awareness activities.
  • Organizing events at schools.
  • Launching special themed parties on sparrow.
  • Planting sparrow friendly plants.
  • Stuff that are threats for sparrow survival must be discouraged.
  • Pesticides and other chemicals that cause harm to sparrow survival must be banned.
  • Mini Bird Sanctuaries can be made by collaboration of combined efforts
  • Safe reforms or nesting sites for sparrows can be launched.

Recent Research Trends about sparrow conservation

According to research trend it is revealed that recent years drop of sparrow population is alarming and must be considered because as observed in light of data of 4 decades there are note worthy reasons behind all this situation these are Global warming, habitat loss, food resource issue, electromagnetic radiations and chemicals.

World sparrow day is an event or dire need that necessitate to be celebrated due to core status that these creatures own.  World Sparrow Day is observed on every 20th of March each year following 2010 from where it has emerged as slogan to be celebrated.  Nature has always tried to heal its habitants and make a cozy environment for its dwellers but man has tried to breech it yet causing an misbalancing scenario.  20th March is demarcated as World Sparrow Day.  Sparrows are royal creatures whose chirping is famous melody of nature.

Themes of World Sparrow Day

Theme or slogans are general depicting entities that are tagged to increase awareness and enjoy celebration of events.  Main theme of World Sparrow Day is "I love Sparrow" often represented as " I Sparrows".  Along with these themes few other slogans are entitled for this Day.

Annually a unique theme is assigned for celebrating the world sparrow day but basic motive behind this remain common that is conservation of this little yet unique inhabitant of earth (The Sparrow).

World sparrow day must be celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm as it is a good reminder that these creatures also own the right to live peacefully and with dignity because they are associates of human for many years since this bond is beautiful one.  We must give them space and comfort zone to establish and prosper as this is key to make earth a better place to sustain.

About the Authors:

Wajeeha Razzaq is a PhD scholar at Ghazi University Dera Ghazi Khan.  She is a dedicated Researcher and Writer with an enthusiasm to work for betterment of nature and Wildlife. She aims to put a part in prosperity towards gaining sustainable future and in making a world better place to live in.

Bilal Hassan was a student at Baluchistan University Quetta and is serving as government servant.