Hello, nature lovers! Today, we're celebrating International Orangutan Day by exploring the world of orangutans. It's crucial to understand why these amazing creatures need our help and how we can protect them. Let's discover the challenges orangutans face and how we can preserve their habitats together. Join me on this journey to make a difference for orangutans!

Understanding International Orangutan Day:

Every August 19th, we celebrate International Orangutan Day to raise awareness about these magnificent animals. It reminds us that orangutans are at risk of disappearing from our planet. This special day also highlights the problems they face, such as losing their homes due to deforestation and being hunted.

Characteristics of Orangutans:

  • Orangutans can live up to 60 years in captivity.
  • Their diet primarily consists of fruits and leaves.
  • They spend most of their time in trees, swinging from branch to branch.
  • Orangutans can weigh up to 100 kg, which is approximately 220 pounds.
  • With an arm span of 6.5 feet, they have impressive reach.
  • There are three species of orangutans: Bornean, Sumatran, and Tapanuli.
  • Regrettably, all three species are endangered, facing severe threats to their survival.

Distinct Species:

There are two types of orangutans in Southeast Asia: Bornean orangutans and Sumatran orangutans. Both are in danger of disappearing because of deforestation and illegal hunting.

  1. Bornean Orangutans: These orangutans live in Borneo, shared by Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei. Sadly, their numbers have decreased by more than 50% in the last 60 years because people cut down their homes to make way for palm oil plantations.
  2. Sumatran Orangutans: These orangutans live in Sumatra, Indonesia. They are smaller than the Bornean ones and have longer hair. They are in trouble because of forests being destroyed by logging and farming.

Orangutans and Their Importance:

Orangutans play a vital role in their habitats. They help spread seeds in the forest, which keeps the environment diverse.

The Threats They Face:

Orangutans are facing many dangers. The biggest one is losing their homes due to deforestation. People cut down the forests to use the land for other things, leaving the orangutans with nowhere to live. Another problem is illegal hunting, where people catch orangutans and sell them as pets or for other cruel purposes.

Taking Action: How Can We Help?

We can all do our part to save orangutans and their homes. Here are some simple yet effective ways to help:

  • Raise Awareness: Share what you know about orangutans with friends and family. Let them know about the challenges these creatures face and how important it is to protect them.
  • Be a Conscious Consumer: Pay attention to the products you buy. Choose items that are made sustainably and don't use palm oil. By supporting eco-friendly products, we can help stop deforestation.
  • Support Conservation Organizations: Many organizations work hard to save orangutans. Consider donating to them or volunteering your time to support their efforts.
  • Adopt Eco-Friendly Habits: Reduce waste, reuse items, and recycle whenever you can. By doing these simple things, you help save forests and protect orangutans.


As we celebrate International Orangutan Day, let's come together to protect these amazing creatures and their precious habitats. Every small action counts, and by working together, we can secure a brighter future for orangutans and preserve the beauty of our natural world for generations to come.

Join the fight to protect orangutans and their habitats. Visit orangutan conservation websites, learn more about their work, and consider donating or volunteering your time. Together, we can ensure to stop the illegal hunting of orangutans and the stunning biodiversity that surrounds them. Let's stand united for nature's preservation!

About the Author: Lubaina Nadeem is an Environmentalist graduated from GC Women University Sialkot in 2022. She is passionate about environment and her mission is to inspire and educate individuals about environmental issues, foster a deep connection with nature, and promote sustainable practices for the betterment of our planet.