World Parrot Day is a significant annual event celebrated on May 31st. It was initiated by the World Parrot Trust in 2004 with the aim of raising awareness about the need to protect these magnificent birds. The inaugural celebration took place in London's Trafalgar Square, where a parrot rally was held, followed by the submission of a petition with over 33,000 signatures to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. This petition urged a complete ban on the import of wild parrots into the European Union, which was successfully achieved in 2007. Since then, May 31st has been dedicated to honoring parrots and spreading awareness about their conservation. The theme for 2023 is "Parrots in the Wild: Mate for Life."

The Captivating Parrot

Parrots are renowned for their vibrant plumage, distinctive loud voices, and remarkable intelligence. These tropical birds possess a strong curved bill, an upright stance, powerful legs, and unique zygodactyl feet. Their exceptional traits make them captivating creatures that deserve protection and admiration.

The Significance of World Parrot Day

World Parrot Day sheds light on the challenges faced by wild and captive parrots worldwide. It serves as a platform to educate people about these intelligent and magnificent birds, their behaviors, lifestyles, and dietary preferences. Research has identified the African grey parrot as the most intelligent species among parrots. With approximately 350 species of parrots globally, nearly half of them are believed to be endangered, and one-fourth are classified as critically endangered. The destruction of natural habitats, hunting, and illegal trade contribute to the decline in parrot populations.

Conservation Efforts and Achievements

The establishment of World Parrot Day has played a crucial role in advocating for the protection of parrots. The successful campaign to ban the import of wild parrots into the European Union highlights the impact of collective action. By raising awareness and garnering support, organizations like the World Parrot Trust and their dedicated supporters have made significant strides in safeguarding these avian treasures.

Protecting Parrots in the Wild

The 2023 World Parrot Day theme, "Parrots in the Wild: Mate for Life," focuses on the natural habitats of parrots and emphasizes the importance of their preservation. Parrots play an essential role in the ecosystem as seed dispersers and pollinators, contributing to the maintenance of biodiversity. Protecting their habitats is crucial not only for parrots but also for the overall health and balance of ecosystems.

Steps You Can Take

As individuals, we can contribute to the conservation of parrots and their habitats. Here are a few steps you can take:

Support Conservation Organizations: Donate to or volunteer with organizations like the World Parrot Trust or local avian conservation groups to aid their efforts in protecting parrots and their habitats.

Choose Sustainable Products: Avoid purchasing products made from illegally sourced parrot feathers or wood from habitats that are crucial for parrot survival.

Spread Awareness: Use World Parrot Day as an opportunity to educate others about the challenges parrots face and the importance of their conservation. Share information on social media, organize awareness events, or engage in discussions to promote positive change.

Create Parrot-Friendly Environments: If you have the means, consider planting native trees and plants that attract parrots and provide them with food and shelter.


World Parrot Day is a celebration that reminds us of the beauty, intelligence, and vulnerability of these remarkable birds. By dedicating a day to raise awareness, we can support conservation efforts and ensure a brighter future for parrots. Together, let us appreciate the wonders of parrots and strive to protect them and their habitats for generations to come.

About the Author:

Anesu Chatikobo is a 21 year old social work student at the University of Zimbabwe. She is very passionate about the environment and animals. She is a human rights activist and is very passionate about charity. She is the head of the environment and animal’s health department at Federation of Africa Child.

Maryam Eqan is an environmentalist who is passionate about creating awareness and promoting action towards building a sustainable future. Her writing focuses on the relationship between humans and the environment and the impact of human actions on the planet.