Have you ever imagined, what a balances diet looks like? It must contain equal portion of all type of minerals and vitamin needed for the body to grow. Mostly the food contain more proteins and carbohydrates which help development of cells and off course growth of body, but in case the intake of specific food item is in excess it cause damage to the body and cause numerous health problems, which slowly lead towards death. A balanced diet, which does not contain equal amount of vegetables and meat cause severe problems like increase in cholesterol level causing blockage of arteries and eventually death.

These days consumption pattern of meat has been so much increased that in every food item meat is seen, this ultimately reduce the carrying capacity of the area. Keeping this in mind an educational campaign back in 1985 dedicated to removing meat from the plates and shift towards vegetarian food.

People around the world including the US welcome this idea and people use different media to share idea to encourage wholesome, non-violent and plant based diet.

Now a days there is dedicated one day holiday in US to create awareness about meat out and encourage the people to use different vegan food, this is originally called The Great American Meat out day which is powered by Farm Animal Right Movement (FARM) since 1985.

This organization raised awareness regarding health, environmental and ethical benefits of living without using meat. The initiators of this movement encourage people to live few days without meat. This initiative will save about 28 animals, 190,000 gallons of water per year. If we look out the statistics complete elimination of animal or animal products saves about 200 animals, 1.3 millions gallons of water and almost 53,000 sq ft of rain forest per annum.  

The FARM pursues to ensure a society where animals are free from all forms of human misuse, including, and particularly, food. The organization started with a mission to prevent and protect the largest number of animals from being bred, abused, and slaughtered for food, as this accounts for 98% of all animal abuse and slaughter.

Like the United States, many other countries have also struggled to reduce meat consumption. In Pakistan, for example, Tuesday is considered a holiday for meat distribution and availability, which eases the burden on animals and promotes sustainability.


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About the Author: Meraj Ahsan Qureshi is a young motivated environmentalist dedicated to create change and to aware the people that climate change is real.