Each Year on 22nd April Earth Day marked the centennial for the modern environmental movement.  Backed in 1970, this event is globally celebrated including a wide range of events by more than 1 billion people and in more than 193 countries. Each year it has a different theme to address the environmental issues and to take action to stop that issue this year the theme of this year is “Invest in our Planet”.

After a decade of celebrating the first Earth day, Americans observed intense amounts of leaded gas through exhaust of inefficient automobiles. Poor law and order condition encourages the industry to produce more smoke and sludge. Air Pollution was not considered a problem, until this point, mainstream America was unaware to environmental problems and how the environment is being polluted which ultimately was threating human health.

As the mobilization of the civil society took place parallel to this awareness of the climate crisis increased. This awareness spread like a fever in the world and create an urge in society to stop deterioration of environment. With this intention Paris agreement 2015 was held but ambition was very low, citizens of the world rose up to demand far greater action for our planet and its people.

With the time flies, Rachel Carsons’ best seller Silent Spring in 1962 open the eyes of people. It raised public awareness on impacts on living organism and links between the pollution, environment and public health. This awareness raised in the book make it a best seller and sold more than 500,000 copies in 24 countries.

A junior senator, Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin (US) was being concerned about the depleting environment. In 1969, Nelson and others observed the consequences of massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. Nelson was inspired by the student’s anti-war movement and wanted students to infuse with awareness about air and water pollution, for this purpose, Senator announced the idea to teach in collages and using national media to create awareness among the youth and nation about the pollution. 

The history of environmental awareness and education parallels with earth day and modern environment movement. The global and local impacts introduced by anthropogenic activities are recently addressed the Climate education. This running climate crisis requires audacious response from the youth to take these issues to the table.

The climate change is real and now it has increased catastrophic effects every year with immense impact, this not only destroys the natural habitat but also the economic condition of a country.  Taking the example of Pakistan, extensive flood every year which not only destroys the mega structures but also the habitat of the area, which further cause extinction of species. On the other hand floods displaces the people destroys the crops and causing emergency situation in country for which heavily impact the economic condition of the country.

This earth day we pledge to invest in our planet whatever it takes, from creating awareness for our society to raising funds for the areas and people hit by the natural disasters. 


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About the Author: Meraj Ahsan Qureshi is a young motivated environment specialist passionate to create change and create awareness among the society.