This is a day that people throughout the globe are encouraged to recycle .Annually on the 18th of March people celebrate world recycling day. The idea of having global recycling day was brought up by the Global Recycling foundation and it came to effect on the 18th of March, and it was designated as global recycling day. People posted on social media to promote the campaign, and thousands of individuals participated in the campaign and supported the initiative.

A total of 23 global recycling day activities occurred throughout the world, when the day was observed for the first time .Picking up garbage, media and press interviews and family-friendly activities was part of the campaign .It resulted in a big event in London’s Carnaby Avenue, it turned into a massive event, people did not expect such a huge turnout as other nations joined in the campaign making it very successful. This resulted in the United Nations making it one of the globally observed day, this year is the 5th year commemorating the day. The theme for 2023 is Creative Innovation. The theme is encouraging innovation in recycling and up cycling, people should bring out brilliant ideas on what to do with the garbage collected and how to brilliantly collect the garbage in way that attracts people to join the good and interesting work.

The theme encourages people to be creative when it comes to recycling. In order to do it effectively there is need to do it in way that captures people’s attention and also for people to have an appreciation of the day and to also take part in commemorating it. There is need to think outside the box and to show that the people doing it are happy and put their all in doing recycling of garbage. Putting our recyclables in the bin is not sufficient, there is need for us to be proactive and find new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Up cycling is one of the ways one could use to be creative and innovative in the  recycling efforts.Upcycling involves transforming waste into something creative and useful for example one could use a pair of jeans into a mat , pillow case or a cushion cover or a used bottle into a gardening tin or a t shirt into  a bag. There are a lot of things people could do to up cycle garbage, up cycling offers endless possibilities, so one needs to be creative. One could host fashion shows with costumes made from recycled materials or could use garbage to create something very special that could be used by everybody, like collecting old clothes and use them to create some clothes for example one could take a long dress and cut it and use current and exquisite designs to make a skirt or a short dress. One could use cans to make toy cars for children and to decorate the gate ,or use bottle tops to design the flower garden .This year’s theme calls for people to be innovative and use all the ideas they could get , to think outside the box and be innovative and creative.

Recycling is very important as it helps in fighting against global warming .It cuts carbon emissions while It also protecting the natural environment. It also saves resources and space for instance recycling the materials once used is way cheaper than using money to buy new things completely hence one can say it is cheaper it also saves space in the dumping sites .The global recycling day is very important as it helps and encourages us to reach more audience and with the help of themes that set a guideline on how things are supposed to be done for the year .The day encourages people to strive and reach more people especially those who will be taking part , it is also important as it showcase peoples talents and creativeness it attracts potentials customers by doing online campaigns and  advocacy .

About the Author: Anesu Samantha Chatikobo  is a social work student at the University of Zimbabwe, a human rights activist, green blogger , a therapist mentor and a lover founder of Flowers of love foundation.