Every year across the world celebrated World Fisheries day on 21 November by fishing communities. It mainly highlights the importance of healthy oceans ecosystems and ensuring sustainable stocks of fisheries in the world. Fishing communities celebrate this day through workshops, rallies, public meeting, exhibitions and through social medias. The first fisheries day was celebrated on November 21, 2015. It is the 8th World Fisheries Day.

In 2019, the Environmental Defence Fund (DFC) Oceans division took a look at some of the reasons for optimism surrounding fisheries in all over the world. The current climate change affects the fisheries industry i.e., blue green algae, plastic pollution and oil spills.

Abundance of fish will help coral reefs recover:

In all over the world, coral reefs suffered dramatic consequences as the result of warmer oceanic temperature that lead to coral bleaching and massive loss of biodiversity. Coral reef are also affected by microplastics pollutions due to the presence of 11 billion individuals’ pieces of plastics on reef in the Asia Pacific zone and it figures will be increases in the future.


In 1997, a forum was established and was famously called WWF (World Fisheries Forum). Under this forum, in all over the world several participants took part in it and 18 countries signed the global consensus document.

This led to the production of developmental practices and policy guidelines which would make fishing a sustainable means of trade and commerce. Some  of the common grounds of operations underlining the WWF are creating robust opportunities for the fishing communities, enduring fishing as a trade, preserving the ancient history of fishing and communities harvesting.

Celebrate the World Fisheries Day:

  • Attend a fishery sustainability workshop
  • Get involved with the fisherfolk community
  • Take care of your environment
  • Spread awareness on social media by using #WorldFisheriesDay

Importance of World Fisheries Day:

  • A recent report of United Nations that more the two-third of the world fisheries have been overfished or fully harvested and one-third are in state of decline because of loss of essential fish habitats pollution and global warming. World fisheries day is an important reminder to keep our fisheries clean our productive.
  • Fish forms is an important part of our diet in all over the world, particularly those who live near the water bodies. A number of traditional societies and communities rallied fishing as an occupation and 50% are women. It’s time to increases awareness about low-income fisherman and women who work tirelessly in fisheries.
  • It helps us learn more about the environment . More than 50 different types of fish and shellfish products are being exported to 75 countries in all over the world. Fisheries day is a great time to learn more about where our fish comes from the environment of fisheries.


  • According to the report, 65% inland fisheries catch from low-income deficit countries.
  • It is estimated that, in developing countries around 30 million to over 60 million people are involved in inland fisheries, and about 50% are women.
  • Approximately 25% of the world dietary protein is provided by fish.
  • Annually, the human population consume 100 million tons of fish.
  • In Africa, 1 billion people regularly consume fish and half of this comes from inland fisheries.

About the Author: Aqsa Abid has completed her BS in Environmental Sciences from GC women University, Sialkot, Pakistan.