On 23 October, International Snow Leopard Day celebrated because it is the most captivating and most powerful animal. But they are the most vulnerable to loss of prey and poaching. It is also a day in which we learn more about the snow leopard and how to protect them.

Snow Leopard mostly live in alpine areas (Himalayas) that are about 18,000 feet in elevation. These animals are also distributed in 12 different countries i.e., Pakistan, India, Russia, Nepal, China, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan,  Bhutan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan.

History Of International Snow Leopard Day:

On 23 October 2013, there was a resolution between these 12 countries for the conservation of Snow Leopard. In this resolution, to take an urgent  actions to protect and recover the Snow Leopard populations and its habitats. It was also declared that on 23 October each year celebrated the Snow Leopard Day. The first time the Snow leopard day was celebrated on 23 October 2014.

The Eighth International Snow Leopard Day will be celebrated on 23 October 2022.


  • Snow Leopard are able to prey the animal that have weight three time higher than the snow leopard.
  • They have huge tails, which help in maintaining balance and provide shield in harsh weather.
  • According to WWF report, the snow leopards’ lives in about 5859 meters above sea level.
  • Snow Leopards not able to be roaring, they  mew, yowl and growl through their nose and with their mouth closed.
  • The snow leopards survive in harsh and cold mountains due to the  five inches thick fur on the stomach.
  • These animals spend most of their lives in solitude, that why it is called “ ghosts of the mountains”
  • They can travel approximately 25 miles in one night.

Threats that the Snow Leopard face:

The exact number of the snow leopard is unknown. But according to the experts there is more than 6390 snow leopard present in all over the world but the could be decline as 3920. The most threat that the snow leopard face is poaching. In 2008 and 2016, every day there was a lot of trades and killed the snow leopard. We can raise awareness the problem of poaching and  there should be no animal to be poached.  

There are some other threats, but people don’t consider it. For example, the mountain ecosystem could be destroyed due to different activities such as mining. The Climatic Change also have challenge to snow leopards.

Protects the Snow Leopard:

  • Donate to the conservation group i.e., WWF and others that works to protect the endangered animals.
  • Watch the online videos that features the snow leopard
  • Encourage the others to find their own interesting facts about the snow leopard.
  • Participate in the activities that hold different organization throughout the world in saving the snow leopards.
  • Deciding a fundraise event for the protection of snow leopard.
  •  Spread awareness on social media by using #SnowLeopardDay

About the Author:  Aqsa Abid has completed her BS in environmental Sciences from GC women University Sialkot. She has been writing on environmental conservation for The Earth Needs Love for two years.