World environment health day is celebrated on 26th September across the globe with the objective to raise awareness of environmental health and how it can be improved. This day is celebrated since 2011, when International Federation of Environmental Health (IFEH), organization consisting of 44 members state take action to create awareness about environment and threat it is facing now a days.

In 21st century, the greatest threat to the global environment health is considered to the climate change as the climate related hazards and its frequency has increased, which result in malnutrition, increased water borne diseases like which includes malaria and dengue. Climate change also compels the people to migrate because of adverse effects and environmental degradation which ultimately impact their livelihood and health. This type of impact is seen in sib Saharan area including Africa south and east Asia.

 These increased crises impact the migrants which can be direct or indirect like lack of health access to health care and social services, poor working and living condition, limited rights in host country.

The health of the environment is directly related to the climate in which we are living, however the climate is not favorable as the balance is not maintained. The pollution sources have been increased which ultimately impacted the health of the environment. If we analyze the air in which we breath is contaminated, having various type of pollutants and particles which area hazardous to our health, as they are entrapped by the lungs and cause breathing issues, some particles are small and problematic that they directly become the part of blood stream and cause death.

Same in the case of agricultural environment, the excess use of fertilizers for better and more yield degrade the quality of soil and in same pattern the chemicals and the fertilizers used become the part of the food chain, which in return become part of our body. This consumption of this food cause different diseases and decreasing the immunity to fight against the disease.

To maintain the health of environment and create harmony, we have taken initiative to stop contaminating the environment and make people aware of the threat which we are causing to environment. Now a days, industries are moving towards sustainability, in which the resources are used in way that they are also relished. Steps are also taken to restore the nature in its original form by planting more trees and using such ingredients which have less impact on the environment and treat the water before discharging in the main stream or lakes. So in this way we can maintain the health of our environment.

About the Author: Meraj Ahsan Qureshi is a Young motivated environmentalist with the passion to bring change through environmental awareness and implementation.