Gender Equality describes the situation in which people are treated equally based upon their gender in academic, domestic and professional life.  Gender equality means that women and men have their equal power and opportunities of being independent and enjoying their lives. It is not only the mutual right but a necessary foundation for making the world a better place to live in.

Unfortunately, there is still a long way to go to achieve the full gender equality in our country. Many girls face discrimination in their domestic as well as professional life. Due to this, women are considered as lower beings, it affects their education, their life standards and opportunities. Society considers women education as an unimportant element. And if, they get enrolled in schools but they find it hard to reach the higher education. Thus, it is the huge obstacle in girl’s education.

We know that our country contain equal population of men and women. Even then, such huge number of women is being stopped from education and work, which has negative consequences for the economy of our country.

Similarly, the woman has to suffer in workplaces as well. Because there are many problems that take place at the workplaces are gender based. Along with that woman faces discrimination in getting job and its promotions. They have less opportunity as compared to men even they work day and night. But, they are not given high ranks to become the head or boss at office.

However these problems can be curbed by adopting strict measures. Firstly, awareness must be spread among masses; educating people about women rights would be a step forward to combat this illness. It is important to induce tolerance among men for their colleagues. Secondly, the authorities should initiate and implement laws for women. There is an utter need to make females feel safe and must be welcomed at every level. It is the responsibility of every concerned authority to make pro-women laws. It will ensure Gender equality. Thus, initiating and implementing pro-women law is the way forward to gender equality. We should appreciate them based on their talent, competencies t and performance not on the basis of sex.

Taken these steps, everyone would prosperously participate in national life resulting in development of the country.

Keywords: Gender Equality, Gender Discrimination, Gender Mainstreaming, Heforshe, Gender Sensitivity, SDG 5


About the Authors: Rukhsar Khan Arbab and Vishal Kumar are the student of English Language and Literature, community volunteers, photographer and writer.