To honor the working of WHO, World Health day is celebrated on 7th of April every year. This can also be considered as anniversary of WHO. This started by the contributions of China and Brazil, who formed independent international organization which should be free from any government influence.

Back in 1946, it was in New York where the constitution for World Health Organization was approved and it came into force on 7 April 1948 when 61 countries signed for its inception. The first World Health Day was observed on 22 July but then the date was changed to the day of WHO's formation to encourage student and general public participation.

A theme is chosen each year to priorities the concern for WHO and highlights the issues along with its remediation. With the ongoing pandemic, increase in the incidents due to disease and a health impacts due to pollution, the theme of this year World Health Day 2022 is “Our Planet, Our Health”. This call from WHO and other partners is to present a unique way to recover from COVID-19 pandemic, that puts a healthy individual to put his efforts to create societies focused on wellbeing. 

This World Health Day 2022 will throw light on the contribution of health workers, the nurses and midwives that have made the healthcare system which is present today. They are the frontline workers whose work often goes unnoticed but they are important for the everyday wellbeing of a patient

Previous few decades, in the region of Americas, with the enhancement of health services and controlled environment emissions, economic progress and few other factors led to improvement in health sector. However, it is estimated that one million early deaths per year are attributable to known preventable environmental risks.

The environmental risks including air pollution, contaminated water, chemical spillage, inappropriate solid waste management and undesirable impacts of climate change are the most pressing environment and public health threats in region. The threats are mostly compounded by weak or lack of governance and inequalities in distribution of health facilities as well as limited leadership.    

The theme of this year is powerful reminder to all of us that the resolution of issues mentioned above are beyond the consideration of the health sector and, as a consequence, an effective response will demand whole of government and health sectors. So we need to stand up for the problems which we are facing and make people aware so as to make the change. The change which not only needed for us but for the upcoming generations, so that they can live a healthy life.


About the Author: Meraj Ahsan Qureshi is a young, motivated environmentalist with the passion to create awareness and change the environment.

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