World Vegan Month 2021

Who Are Vegans?

Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, and an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals.

In recent years a rising movement has been taking around the world. It is a movement that is against all acts of cruelty and unnecessary violence against the animals on the earth.  Its members range from those who merely won’t eat or wear anything made from animal flesh or skin and those who actively campaign in every way against these practices in any form.

If we switch to animal free diet, it will be way better for the earth and for our health too.

World vegan month is celebrated throughout in the month of November every year. World Vegan Month was established in 1994 to commemorate the forward movement of the ideology.

Vegans believe that there is a better way to live. They also recognize that the composition of the human body as omnivores is something that, with time, can slowly be eliminated, rendering human incisors as unnecessary as the appendix.

How to Celebrate World Vegan Month?

Anyone can celebrate world vegan month by practicing these steps.

  • Start Eating Vegan

Thinking of trying to eat healthier, save the earth, and save some animals all at the same time? Then this is the perfect time to begin! Just take 30 days to avoid eating meat, remove animal-tested or animal-based products from the bathroom, start using substitutes for dairy products (such as soy milk or vegan butter).

30 days is a great time to begin, and it’s likely that this new habit will carry on into the future. If it feels like too much, just start with one food being replaced with a vegan alternative. With these small changes, most people find that they feel healthier, and they also feel better about the way they are treating animals and the earth!

  • Start to Implement Veganism

Not sure where to start? That’s okay. There’s a lot to learn and it takes a bit of adjustment and preparation. Here are some tips to get started with the implementation of a vegan lifestyle for World Vegan Month: 

Go Grocery Shopping. To be sure that the body is healthy, it will be important to substitute meats with other nutritional foods that provide a source of protein, iron and other nutrients that will be missing without animal products. Gather some beans, legumes, tofu, nuts and seeds, in addition to those fresh veggies and fruits and dairy-free cheeses.

Read the Ingredients Label. Take a walk around the house and start reading labels. Shampoo, makeup, hair products, body lotions and so many things in the beauty aisle are either made with animal byproducts or tested on animals. When replacing these products at the drugstore, read more carefully and buy the vegan ones.

Prepare a Speech for Friends. If it seems friends and family members won’t be supportive, practice ahead of time what to say to explain this new life choice. They don’t have to agree or become vegan themselves, but sharing personal convictions is a good way to help them be more educated and try to be more understanding. It will likely require a small adjustment for everyone.

As mentioned above, there are a ton of vegan options in the world, especially festivals and gatherings where recipes and food secrets are exchanged. It goes a lot further than just food options too, everything from lipstick to deodorant has been guilty of containing animal products, and there was little on the shelf that wasn’t tested on animals. 

Now it is possible to get educated on which of these products are safe and which foods are the most delicious. Let World Vegan Month expand that palate and also that sense of social responsibility!

About the Author: Farheen Tariq is a Software Engineer and highly concerned about climate change and the earth's devastation from plastic. She has started a group on Facebook "Earth Savers" putting all her efforts to spread awareness and to build a community that works for the betterment of Earth.