World ozone day also called international day for the preservation of the ozone layer is observed on 16 September yearly its celebrated to unfold consciousness amongst individuals concerning the depletion of the ozone layer and seek for doable action to protect it the slogan of the day ozone for life reminds us that ozone is essential for our life on earth. World ozone day is important because it is a day that is used for spreading awareness regarding the ozone layer depletion as well as the search for solutions to preserve it in the late 1970 scientists discovered that humanity was creating a hole in the protective shield called ozone layer. The hole was caused by ozone depleting gases used in aerosols and cooling such as refrigerator and air conditioners this was threatening to increase cases of skin cancer and damaged plants crops and ecosystem in 1985the world government adopted the Vienna convention for the protection of the ozone layer on September 16, 1987 the united nations and 45 different international location singed the Montreal protocol on substance that deplete those on lair on December 19, 1994 the united nation common meeting proclaimed September 16 the world wide day for the preservation of the ozone layer commemorating the date in 1987on which the Montreal protocol on substance that deplete the ozone layer was signed.

The aim of the Montreal protocol is defending the ozone layer by lowering the manufacturing of gear which is supposed to be liable for ozone layer depletion.     

The ozone layer also called the ozone protect is a bit of the environment that has excessive ozone concentration ozone is a gasoline that’s made from three oxygen atoms relaying on the place those on layer is it will possibly both hurt life or defend life one earth a lot of those on stage throughout the stratosphere whereby it acts as a protect defending the floor of the earth from the dangerous ultraviolet radiation of the solar if this protect was to weaken we would all be extra prone to impaired immune methods cataracts and pose and most cancers.

World ozone day celebrated all around the world on September 16 every year to speared awareness about the depletion of the ozone layer and urge people to take necessary actions to preserve it we all know that life on earth would be impossible without sunlight but the energy emanating from the sun would be too much for life on earth to thrive for it not for the ozone layer but the ozone layer makes life possible by stopping the UV rays from entering to earth’s atmosphere under the conventions Montreal protocol government scientists and industries work together  to cut out 99 of all ozone depleting substances now the ozone layer is healing and expected to return to pre-1980 values by mind-century thanks to the Montreal protocol. The theme for the world ozone day 2021 is “Montreal protocol keeping us our food and vaccine cool” and there have been several tools developed to assist countries in organization activates for world wars on day.

Now did you that there are a number of different things that we can do in order to protect the ozone layer some examples include minimizing the use of vehicle the best transport option is walking or taking a bicycle life if you need to use a vehicle to get to destination why not try to carpool with other people in order to lower the use of cars to save money and pollute less you can also avoid the use of cleaning items that are harmful to both us and the environment a lot of people do not realize that a lot of the cleaning products on the market today contain substances that are corrosive and solvent too yet these dangerous substance can be replaced with products that are not toxic such as bicarbonate or vinegar gases like chlorofluorocarbons contribute in the formation of holes in the ozone layer it is a duty as human beings to make earth better place to live by reducing the use of these gases so let us look at few steps that are recommended by the government organization to help preserve the ozone layer.

v  Buy air-condition and refrigeration equipment that does not use HCFCs as refrigeration.

v  Buy aerosol products that do not use HCFCs or CFCs as propellants.

v  Conduct regular inspection and maintenance of air-condition and refrigeration appliances to prevent and minimize refrigerant leakage.

v  For existing air-condition and refrigeration appliance that operates on HCFCs or CFCs, the refrigerant should be recovered or recycled whenever an overhaul of equipment is to be carried out.

v  When motor vehicle air-conditions need servicing, make sure that the refrigerants are properly recovered and recycled instead of being vented to the atmosphere.

World ozone day celebrated all around the world educators usually set aside this day to teach their students about the ozone layer and many schools organize special events and activities to raise awareness. This is one event that everyone can experience and enjoy together on of the best way to celebrate world ozone day is by learning more about the ozone layer. Aside from learning more about the ozone layer on this date another way that you can honor and observed welds on days by spreading awareness on the subject a lot of people are not aware of the damaging impact that they are having on those all there this is way it is important to spread awareness about this and world ozone day provides you with the perfect opportunity to do this.

So if you want to make a difference starts spreading the word so that other people can learn about world ozone day and way it is so important for all of us.

 Ozone For Life. Saving Our Planet Is Now Upon Us

 Save Ozone, Save Earth          

About the Author: Ihsan Ur Rahman is a Debater, Environmental Activist, and a Social Activist. He is also a member of Eco Club Pakistan and has a passion to work for environment.