“Real problem is not the population explosion, but what the population is doing”.

Every year the world continues to get more and more crowded. While we’ve a tendency to pack ourselves into massive cities, and there are presently still long open stretches of countryside, every year that gets whittled away at more and more. The power and food needs of the world continue to place a greater and greater strain on our ability to meet them, and resources in general are becoming harder and harder to come by. World Population Day comes along each year to remind us that our present rate of population growth is unsustainable, and the present social and logistical issues we are experiencing to meet the demand of that population will only get worse if we do not do something.

Facts About World Population Day

World Population Day was established by the United Nations Development Programme. The reason for its creation was to increase awareness regarding global population issues. The purpose of the day is to increase the awareness that people have about several different population issues, including the importance of human rights, maternal health, poverty, gender equality, and family planning.

The Issue with Overpopulation

To understand why World Population Day is so important, you need to understand what human overpopulation is and why it is a vital issue. Human overpopulation is when there are too many people for the environment to sustain with breathable air, drinkable water, food, and so on. There are several different reasons why overpopulation can occur. Of course, the most obvious is an increase in the number of births. However, there are also other reasons as well, including depletion of resources, an increase in immigration, and a decline in mortality rates.

Some Facts About The Population

Life expectancy is growing all of the time. In 2000, 67-years-old was the worldwide life expectancy rate. In 2015, this number increased to 71-years-old. It is then predicted that by the time we get to 2050, the life expectancy age will be 77 years old. We are also seeing less variation across the world in terms of this rate. The world’s population is growing at a rapid pace. Of course, this is where this day stems from. Now, the world’s population is growing by approximately 83 million people per year. Fertility has dropped all over the world. Despite the fact that population rates are growing, you may be surprised to learn that the world-wide birth rate has actually fallen since the 1960s. World Population Day is to spread word about the issue and raise awareness. You can take to social media or your blog if you have one and raise awareness about population issues and the steps that we can take in order to combat them.

About the Author: Wardah Razzaq is a graduate of environment from University of the Punjab, Lahore. She is an environmentalist by profession and by passion. She is also an environment and climate change activist, climate reality leader, sustainable development goals advocate (ambassador of sustainability), green blogger and member of eco-club Pakistan. She is envisioned, determined and committed at raising awareness among the general public regarding various environmental issues, their impacts and solutions and that how they can become the responsible citizens of Pakistan eco-friendly. She loves to write on nature, environment climate and sustainable development.