Birds are indicators of the environment. If they are in trouble, we know we'll soon be in trouble. Roger Tory Peterson

There are several people on the planet who do not know about the important days throughout the year. If some people know, they do not have the basic information and knowledge of these days. The World Bird Migratory Day is one of them. It might be new one for some readers, but it needs full attention of masses to realize the gravity of The World Bird Migratory Day 2021. Let us discuss.

The World Bird Migratory Day is the awareness campaign among the regions of world. It was first celebrated in 2006 on the second week of May and due to the importance of this worthy day now it is celebrated twice second week of May and October of every year, under the supervision of United Nations(UN) . This event was supported by UN’s Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Water birds. Birds are indispensable part of ecosystem because these are natural ambassadors and directly linked with the food chain and many other natural cycles.

Since 2006, it has been celebrated with different themes to raise the awareness and conversation of birds. This year 2021 it is celebrated across the world with the slogan of “Sing, Fly, Soar, like a Bird” which means people will provide the smooth passage for the migration of birds.

Wetlands are the most important factor which linked with daily life. As it relates to water cycle, provide healthy eco-system, endangered biotic species which come under the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs). For instance, Sahelian Wetlands, which cover several countries in Africa and provide food and livelihoods for nearly a billion people. In Addition, 40 % of the world’s species live and breed in wetlands including fish and migratory birds. And other Wetlands, including the Senegal River Delta, The Inner Niger Delta, Lake Chad Basin and parts of the Nile River Valley, all these wetlands are directly connected with the agenda for Sustainable Development Goals i. e. SDG 1(No Poverty), SDG 2( Zero Hunger), SDG 6( Clean water and Sanitation), SDG 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), SDG 13 ( Climate Action) and SDG 15 ( Life on Land).Furthermore, The World Bird Migratory Day actively contributes to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Developments. Today, there is a need of projects just like RESOURCES Project of Food & Agricultural Organization (FAO) funded by France and EU to restore the wetlands.

Unregulated dumping of waste material in the ocean threats to the biotic flora and fauna and resist the migration of bird’s due dangerous material i.e., Nuclear waste, cement factories, medical waste, urban waste. Nuclear waste dumping is the most dangerous one. The Physicians for Social Responsibility said no number of radiations is safe in food/water and now the world’s ocean is being used as a dumping ground for highly contaminated water. Interestingly, developed countries are active and mostly responsible for dumping practice because of their huge industrial sectors and they are blaming developing countries for dumping practices. In a nutshell, it is time to understand the importance of water which is mandatory to save life either on land or in sea. Otherwise, the time of environmental devastation will welcome, and future generations will not forgive us.


To provide the safe passage to birds for migration is compulsory to minimize the numbers of insects which are posing threats to agriculture, water table and cycle, health disease, and marine life. Bluebirds, Chickadeer, Nightfhawks, swallowss, sparrows, yellow warblers, woodpeckers, and others are very beneficial to control the increasing population of insects. Scientist argued  that world’s birds eat 450 to 500 million tons of insects each year. If the migration of bird’s hurdles by any factor, it will lead to disturb the ecosystem service that birds provide -  such as the suppression of insect’s pests-will be lost.

International illegal trade of birds is detrimental to the bird’s migration. According to research reports, 4000 bird’s species involving several million individuals annually are subject to domestic or international trade. Some species fall in the group which is close to extinction such as Cickatoo, Cardeelis. To reduce the illegal business of birds The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITIES), adopted in 1973 and come into force in 1975,is quite helpful. The international parties which are forced to implement these laws in true sense which will give the fruitful results.

Climate change is another challenge which are faced by birds during migration. A study published in the Journal “Nature Climate Change” suggests that rising temperature is causing birds to migrate a little earlier each spring. This is not good news. Climate change is the natural challenge for the environment of the world which ultimately effects the life cycle, growth, and migratory passage of the birds. All these things become the cause of disequilibrium in the life of land and ocean.

What the human will do to mitigate the effects and provide the safe passage to bird’s migration

There is a solution in the form of SDG 12( Responsible Consumption and Production) which is the only solution to achieve the slogan “Sing, Fly, Soar, Like a Bird” of the world Bird Migratory Day 2021.

The food sector accounts for around 22 percent of total green house gas emissions largely from the conversion of forest into farmland. If people start to eat like a responsible citizen, it will reduce the effects of climate change.

Here are some other solutions which are helpful for the safe Migration of Birds.

1.      Being a responsible citizen, which means to follow the law either national or international. There are several laws which are fruitless if people do not follow them.

2.      Those parties which are the members of CITIES. They should start national awareness campaign that every citizen should know the importance of World Bird Migratory Day.

3.      Artificial Sanctuaries should be established in the cities that people especially children get familiar with the birds. So, it will help to become the lover of nature and birds.

4.      Strict punishment should be awarded to the violator either individual, group or organization. Less strictness is not acceptable.

5.      Factories waste should be disposal under the environmental laws.

6.      Environment should be introduced as a separate subject in the elementary and secondary class for all groups.

7.      Government should promote the conservation policy through social, electronic and print media.

I hope you love birds too. It is economical. It saves going to heaven. Emily Dickinson

About the Author: Muhammad Owais is a Geologist and an Educationist with an aim to work for environment, climate, and sustainable development. He is an Alumni of American E Teacher 202 and Professional Mentor for Jobs Preparation. He stands up to review the educational curriculum that spurs the motivation among students of climate change that is the only way forward.