Universally, WASH is known as an acronym, which stands for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. And sustainable WASH services are public health issue all around the world. It has also been focused on the first two targets of SDGs (sustainable development goals). Sustainable access to WASH services can play a role in improving our health, education, well-being status, socio-economic development etc.

Together safe drinking water, good hygiene and proper sanitation can change people's lives. Also, clean drinking water, hygiene, and sanitation play an important part in maintaining health and family well-being. Proper hygiene and sanitation prevent the spread of many diseases and infections. Any pandemic like COVID-19 made us feel the importance of a healthier lifestyle. During this pandemic, people all over the world as well as in Bangladesh has proven that a simple habit of washing hand can help us towards not getting affected.

But there are many communities including our country all over the world that happens to be facing many kinds of water, sanitation, and good hygiene challenges. Which can be also said as water stress. And many proven reasons demonstrate, the increased pressure is because of climate change. Climate change impacts such as the rise of temperature, carbon dioxide, sea-level, ocean acidification, and an increase in the intensity and frequency of extreme events-floods, droughts, cyclones, heat waves are additional stress on water security. So, it can say that climate change exacerbates the reason not to have proper WASH services.

And Being a WASH advocate I believe we can reduce future water stress by working on reducing climate change impacts. And hope for a sustainable future, for all.

About the Author: Farjana Nishita is a Researcher and WASH advocate. She is also an Eco Club Bangladesh and very passionate to work for environment.