Nida Zafar, Student

In-the-run-of-the-mill, we came across a lot of products/services having the having the label of green product/services and this term is being used greatly for marketing purposes. Actually, all green products/services are result of green technology. Green technology refers to the technology that is environment friendly and have clean production process or supply chain process.  Green technology a.k.a green-tech, clean technology or sustainable technology, involves environmentally sound innovations that have long and short term environment effect.

           Ever since the industrial revolution, our environment is continuously being deteriorated, the pollution has increased upto the level ever before, the climate change is getting worse day by day and our planet has suffered raising sea level, glaciers melting, acid rain, smog, macro and microplastics, extinction of many species and widespread of many diseases. If we don’t take steps now, these changes may prove to be inevitable and irreversible. Adapting green technology is one of the ways to combat above stated issues. There are a lot of green technologies and the world is continuously making efforts to improve them and these interventions are replacing the conventional technologies. The most recent example of green technology that all of us have observed in our life span is the replacement of incandescent bulbs with energy savers and now with the LED bulbs. Another common example of green-tech is using solar panels to harness sunlight to produce energy.

       The ultimate goal of green technology is sustainable development through 5 R’s: refuse, reuse, recycle, renew and responsibility. Since 1990’s human focus has a lot shifted towards green technology as it offers clean, green and healthy earth and human lifestyle. Some of the examples of green technology are as under:

Recycling And Waste Management:

        Green technology has played an important role in recycling and waste management. Recycling material like plastic, metals and other raw materials can not only reduce waste but also provide raw material for other industries. Recycling water during manufacturing process reduces stress on water resources. Green technologies used in managing waste includes incineration, biological treatment and landfill disposals.

Water Purification:

      The world is becoming a water scarce with each passing day. Green technologies i.e. membrane filtration, microbial fuel cells, nanotechnology etc. can be used to clean water. So that waste water can be made drinkable rather than discharging it into the rivers and oceans.

Air Purification:

      To combat climate change, the focus of world is to reduce the greenhouse emissions. These gases are being emitted into the air through automobiles, industries and domestic sector. Using renewable energy resources, electrostatic filters and scrubbers can clean the air.

Vertical Farming:

     Vertical farming is an eco-friendly technology that can not only clean environment but also can solve the problem of food shortage. The concept of vertical farming is to grow crops in stacked vertical layers around buildings and cities. This tech uses 95% less water than regular farming and is a great alternative for countries with limited space and resources.


          Composting is one of the easiest and most followed green technology. Organic waste from houses, offices and industries can be converted into compost using optimal conditions. Another plus point of composting is, it also reduces solid waste.

Restoring Ecosystems:

        Green technology or sustainable technology is being used to rejuvenate the ecosystems which have undergone a lot of damage due to anthropogenic activities. Natural ecosystems provide services of food, fuel water, purification of air and water along with regeneration of soil to man. Through green-tech, ecosystems are being restored through replantation, waste management, recycling, protecting and managing wildlife.

            The Earth needs protection and green technology can help in providing exactly that to the planet we all depend upon in order to live. Investing in green technology promises a sustainable future. It not only reduces the environmental impact but also provide us with a healthy world to live in not only for present but also for future generation.

Every step towards sustainability either small or big counts.

About the Author: Nida Zafar is an undergraduate student with keen interests in environmental sciences.