Wardah Razzaq, Green Blogger

There are myriad of major environmental issues in Pakistan. You, must have heard about the rising sea-levels, melting of ice caps and glaciers, drastic changes in weather patterns and significant decline in the population of several species in the news. While, you may think that these events don’t affect you directly, the truth is that they all are the signs of the unprecedented climate change that pose a huge threat to the entire planet. Therefore, these issues need to be addressed timely by Pakistan on an urgent basis.

Key Environmental Issues In Pakistan

There are multifarious of key environmental issues in Pakistan. Some of the significant environmental issues includes; Deforestation, Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Global Warming, Climate Change and many more.

1. Deforestation

Simply, deforestation occurs when humans destroys the forests by cutting down the trees to obtain fuel and wood. However, urbanization, growing population and expansion of cities are also the main causes of deforestation in Pakistan.


Deforestation destroys natural beauty and effects the wildlife and natural habitat.


Plant more trees and raise awareness about the trees plantation among the citizens of Pakistan.

2. Air Pollution

Air pollution can be defined as the presence of toxic and solid particles in the air along with certain gases that are harmful to the environment.


Poor quality of air and results in various diseases.


Plantation of trees to clean the air, use of public transport instead of vehicles.

3. Water Pollution

Water pollution is caused when toxic and harmful chemicals contaminate a body of water.


Results in various diseases.


Ensures proper sewage treatment.

4. Global Warming

Global Warming refers to the long-term warming of the planet.


Formation of the heat waves and cold snaps.


Reduction of the size of your carbon footprint.

5. Climate Change

Climate change basically refers to an unprecedented change in the weather patterns.


Melting of ice caps and glaciers.


Reduction in the anthropogenic activities.

About the Author: A graduate of environment from PU, Lahore. An environmentalist and an environmental writer and a climate activist. She is envisioned to raise awareness among the people related to different environmental issues and committed at guiding and making the people aware that how they can become the responsible citizens of Pakistan sustainably and eco-friendly. She loves to write on nature, environment and climate.