Aimen Izhar, Green Blogger

The hardest social and environmental challenges of our time is the managing the Mobility of people. The countries which have faster growth rate like China, Africa, Southeast Asia, billions of the prolonged have very higher expectations and mobility aspirations. It is estimated that by 2030 the passenger traffic will exceed 80,000 billion passenger kilometers.

Urbanism works when it creates journey as desirable as the destination!

The sustainable mobility is define as better provision of infrastructure and services to support the movement of goods and people. The Sustainable urban mobility means the provisions of things which required for better urban settlement, the lifestyle of urban people, their demands and consideration.

Having a long-term perspective on the sustainability is a defining factor in the future of mobility. The transport was not endorsed as a distinct global Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), largely because the sector could not talk with one voice to influence this global process.  

Improved mobility for citizens could make cities could be more attractive and competitive. Tackling congestion, improving air quality, sustainability in most cities will require substantial changes in the transport system and operations, and in the mobility behaviour  of people. Public and other transport services, timetables, ticketing, and interchanges are not always well connected. Innovation of thinking of public private sectors cooperation and how to effectively engage the citizens in Sustainable urban mobility programs. The Sustainable urban mobility plan is the planning of local and regional authorities for better and effective Sustainable urban mobility planning. This plan encourage to switch towards more Sustainable means of transport and integration of balance development modes.

A city’s environment is shaped not only by people who have an important influence but by everyone who lives or works there!

About the Author: Aimen Izhar is an Environmentalist who has recently graduated from GC women University Sialkot.