Aimen Izhar, Green Blogger.

Coral reefs are now declining in the U.S and around the globe. Many scientist believe that’s the existence of coral reefs is now in danger due to not taking immediate actions to protect the coral reefs. The threats to coral reef come from both global and local sources. The most coral reefs occur near the shoreline that’s why human activities are directly effecting the existence of coral reefs.

“Coral reefs are the backbone of the entire ocean system. They are the nursery for the ocean”.

A coral reef is an underwater ecosystem which  characterized by reef-building corals. Coral reefs are formed of colonies of coral polyps which held together by calcium carbonate. Most coral reefs are built from stony corals. The main types of coral reefs are fringing reefs, barrier reefs, patch reefs and atolls reefs.

Coral reefs are dying around the world. Damaging activities include coral mining, pollution, overfishing, blast fishing, the digging of canals. Other dangers include disease, destructive fishing practices and warming oceans. The main factors which effect the coral reefs are atmospheric changes, ultraviolet light, ocean acidification, viruses, sedimentation and other pollutants, plastics etc. Reefs are threatened well beyond coastal areas. Climate change, such as warming temperatures, causes coral bleaching which causes the corals to kill.

The sediments deposition on the reefs can smother the reefs structure and interfere with the ability of their reproduction, growth and feed. Nutrients from the agriculture runoff or from wastewater discharge may effect the coral reef structure because the reefs are adopted to lower levels of nutrients so high level of nutrients may trigger their growth rate which ultimately effect the other marine life.

There should be proper maintenance for the healthy environment of coral reefs because they are providing variety of life in the ocean by giving nutrients, food and shelter to many living organisms in the ocean as well as they are important for human being for their fish for food. Immediate measures should be taken to avoid the pollution in the ocean system.

“The greatest danger to our planet is the belief that h someone else will save it”.

About the Author: Aimen Izhar is a student of environmental sciences at GCWUS. She finds her keen interests in writing for environment and climate.