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Biodiversity is in serious threat due to of human activities. The major threats to biodiversity are increasing population, urbanization , global warming, habitat destruction, over consumption of biodiversity resources, invasive alien species, over exploitation of biodiversity resources and environmental degradation. All over the globe the main reasons of biodiversity destruction are fragmentation and destruction of habitat, pollution and eutrophication due to industries and agriculture practices, excessive water utilization, climate change and perturbations linked to leisure and tourism. These all activities not only destroy the habitat but also reduce the species size and genetic ability. This lead to the extinction of rare species.

“Keep our world colorful, Preserve Biodiversity”!
Biodiversity describes as the variety and richness of life on Earth. The term Biodiversity was coined in 1985. Biodiversity typically measures by the variations at genetic, species and ecosystem level. Biodiversity include three main types which are genetic diversity, species diversity and ecosystem diversity. The biodiversity is the most complex feature of the planet without is life would not sustain. Biodiversity is not evenly distributed on the earth and it is rich in tropics. Tropical forest cover less than 10% of Earth surface and contain about 90% of the world species. Marine Biodiversity is mainly high along the coast in Western pacific. There are latitudinal gradients in species diversity . Species richness in certain area creates the particular specie hotspot.
Rapid environmental changes causes mass extinction. More than 99% of the species on the earth surface are estimated to be extinct. Number of the species estimated which present on Earth surface are about 1.2 billion and over 86% have not been described yet. Biodiversity and it’s management is very important for the survival of life on earth. Biodiversity very integral part for ecological stability, economic importance and also ethical importance. Biodiversity is proving huge amount of benefits like food, shelter, timber, medicines and many other thing.
There is urgent need to conserve the biodiversity for the sustainable future and present because without sustainable biodiversity life is not possible. We can preserve our biodiversity by Preventing the cutting of trees, Putting a ban on hunting of animals, Efficient utilization of natural resources, protected areas should be developed for animals where no human activity is allowed and conserving the natural habitat. All varieties of food, timber plants, microbes and agriculture animals should be conserved, unique ecosystems should be conserved and preserved first, poaching and hunting of animals should be prevented, the useful and endangered species of plants and animals should be conserved in their natural and artificial habitat and last but not the least environmental laws should be followed strictly. There must be technical and well educated personnel’s on the biodiversity conservation and to adopt the In-situ and Ex-situ conservation techniques to conserve the biodiversity. Awareness programs on the importance of biodiversity should be encouraged on government and local level.
Truth be told, Biodiversity is worth more than gold.
About the Author: Aimen Izhar is a student of environmental sciences at GCWUS. She finds her keen interests in writing for environment and climate.