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Biodiversity, the variety of living species on Earth. Biodiversity improve the ecosystem productivity where each species, no matter how small, all have important role to play. We all are the part of this planet. Human greed has changed the scenario of Eco-System to Ego-System. Our behaviors to exploit natural resources, utilizing them on rapid pace and not giving time to those resources to replenish them is leading towards a damaged society.

Our activities like urbanization, land use changes, encroachment, invasion in forest and other fragile habitats have led to a destroyed environmental conditions. It is the high time to revert back to such lifestyle where everyone has the equal right to survive on this planet. We need to conserve aquatic systems as well as terrestrial to meet the 2030 Agenda and to provide a better and prosperous planet to our next generation. Following are the approaches enlisted related to conserving aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem:

Aquatic Conservation Approaches

Restoration of the aquatic areas that have been damaged or suffered habitat loss.

Plantation of trees in the catchment areas of water body prevent soil erosion and subsequently reduce the problem of situation in water body resulting in survival of aquatic organisms.

Avoid the establishment of industries, chemical plants and thermal power plants near water resources as their discharge affect the ecology of water body resulted in loss of biodiversity.

Watershed management is an important approach towards aquatic diversity conservation.

Increasing public awareness is one of the most important way to conserve aquatic biodiversity.

Terrestrial Conservation Approaches

Clear cutting of forest should be prohibited.

The cutting of trees should get replaced by planting young trees to interchange the older one that were cut.

Encourage and support local government initiatives that shield habitat and reduce threats to biodiversity.

Use environmentally friendly product.

Each exam and assignments should be conducted online that may save numerous papers, this may facilitate in saving trees.

Hunting of animal should be prohibited and strict laws should be created for animal hunter.

Without biodiversity we cannot get to experience the beauty of the nature, we cannot show the uniqueness of nature to our future generation without preserving/conserving them.

A Healthy Life Is Possible In Healthy Environment

About the Author: Aqsa Abid is a student of environment at GCWUS. She is passionate to write about environment and conservation.