Hina Talib, Green Blogger.
As all know, 71% of the earth is covered with ocean which has an important role in our lives. It absorbs the carbon dioxide which we produce on daily basis, provides sea food for us and mainly creates oxygen which is the basic requirement of human. Climate change is the frequent alteration of weather changes mainly by anthropological activities which affect the earth environment and change the nature of the sea. Globally the ocean is rich in uncountable marine species from invertebrate to vertebrate and the changes in the climate is harmful for their reproduction, habitat, survival etc. Due to environmental changes and melting of glaciers, sea level is on the raise. Greenhouse gases absorb more energy from the sun and then ocean captivate added heat and excess of carbon emission by people due to burning of fossil fuels which disturb the seashore, surface, benthic. Deep-sea ecosystem migrate, swing and sometimes loss their ecologies e.g coral reefs and low lands turn into open water in many areas.
Ocean environment suffers a lot as a result of climate change. Likewise, migration of species, increase death rate of marine ecosystem, noxious algal blooms, coastal erosion, rise of marine ailments and sometimes faces scarcity, overflows and hurricanes. There are many examples, like, for the seeking of cold-water blacktip shark which is sensitive to heat migrate from the north during summer season. Blue carbs flourish in hot water but due to change in the marine temperature, they don’t need to burrow themselves in winter season. Fish move from one place to other in search of food during their specific seasons but due to rise temperature of marine ecosystem the economy is affected as well.
High temperature may lead to coral death. In 1989 and 1995 the national park of the US was excessively spoiled and gigantic coral ecosystem destroyed due to heavy rainfall. Due to hot climate and melting glaciers penguins lost their homes and their number declined. Other species face problems in mating periods, survival and reproduction.
As water level surges, the photosynthesis process become low which affect the whole marine atmosphere and it also becomes a task for mangroves persistence because they need the longstanding uniform situation for their survival.
The above mentioned examples are proved as big problems for the water globally and we have to immediately take some powerful steps to save water because the marine ecosystem is going to decrease due to climate change which means low oxygen production, little carbon storing, short sea food production, and marine fauna face many complications in construction of their skeletal structure and shells.
We should also stop the carbon emission from industries which makes it acidic by which the overall ecosystem become affected, at least slow down the carbon production activities by taking some steps on daily basis.
New energy product designs should be made on the basis of energy consumption. Like, on ocean water by making wind turbines and the other machineries which can produced energy through waves and tides except by burning fossil fuels which is the major carbon emission product. The marine transportation has to be reduced greenhouse gas production through ships and should be device on energy saving policies and substitute fuels like biofuels. This transportation produced sulphur which is hazardous to nearby areas of ocean.
Nature has blessed oceans with blue carbon ecosystem which include mangroves, salt marshes and sea grass. By planting more blue carbon ecosystem, we can diminish the risk of overflowing cause of climate change to the coast living population.
We should also promote ocean-based food, include fish and crustaceans because they yield a reduced amount of carbon and progress the fisheries and aquaculture plans. By inoculating carbon on low bed of the ocean can be beneficial in dropping carbon from the atmosphere globally.
Management and departments should be made which works on the preservation, protection and restoration of the marine ecosystem and they should check all the human activities which are harmful for our environment. More research work has to be done which help to make the policies, methods and some designs to control the carbon emission, strategies and plans for conserving marine fauna. Recycling can be useful in mitigate the climate change because it uses less energy which means low level pollution in the atmosphere. In the conclusion, we individually have to work voluntarily with those organizations which are working to save our ocean and planet by toxic components.
About the Author: Hina Talib is a research scholar with interests in environment. She is keen to pen down her thoughts on environment, climate and ecosystem.