Ms. Maimoona Ilyas , Green Blogger, Department: Environmental Sciences , GCWUS
Pharmaceuticals and personal care products used worldwide that cause environmental and health problems.
As illustrated that PPCPs act as an endocrine disruptor and increased the risk of developing autoimmune diseases. The water channels are contaminated through waste water from production plants, excretions by users. Our Pakistan is an agricultural country and the agricultural fields are distorted by wastewater irrigation system . due to water scarce country, its become a common practice to use treated waste water for irrigation. If we use liquid chromatography to test cosmetic’s chemicals ,results will shown us that PPCPs are still present in the wastewater after treatment. Methylene chloride found in aerosol deodorants and hair spray . phthalates found in shampoos ,shaving creams and soaps. Triclosan present in toothpaste. It combined with water and produces a dangerous chloroform gas that causes liver damage in humans and destroys wildlife. Glycols present in lotions. All these chemicals present in nail paints.These compounds directly released into the water bodies and cause water filth ,cause many water borne diseases and malfunctioning of many vital organs .When you go to market for cosmetics , avoid those products that contain these chemicals and following E numbers: E211,E100,E110, E140,E210,E213,E214,E216,E234,E252,E335,E336,E434,E472,E481,E492,E570,E572,E631,E635,E904. 1,2 Diphenylhydrazine ,benzidine , pyridine kerosene, hexane, xylenes, thorium, cresols.Some greener sources or products are introduced for the avoidance of those products that contain harmful chemicals. rosemary extract is the best alternative for sodium benzoate E211. Rosemary extract acts against dandruff, enhances hair growth, 1,3-Propanediol (from Tate, Lyle & Dupont) is a plant-derived alternative to Propylene Glycol .corn extract is best greener alternate to Triclosan. manuka oil, tea tree oil, witch hazel, neem, and aloe vera. garlic, onions, honey, fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, fermented foods bamboo, hemp and wool febric. Vicks is banned all over the Europe as they declared it carcinogenic. life boy soap is a carbolic soap that is used for the animals. Extract of berry leaves also used for whitening purposes.
Its mandatory to us to have clean our environment. I requested to a government to provide more subsidies for those companies that move toward a greener, ecofriendly products.99 % people use cosmetics for various purposes .if these people would use ecofriendly and natural products than water channels are not polluted and lead to a high HDI ,LER and literacy through healthy water ,healthy life.