Ms Aimen Izhar, Green Blogger, Dept. of Environmental Sciences, GCWUS
3R; Reduce, Reuse and recycle
Solid waste is becoming the major issue of the globe and mainly Pakistan. Due to the development in industrial sectors, more waste is being produced globally. As Pakistan is developing country, the industrialized cities of it are generating much waste annually. Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Sialkot , there contribution to solid waste is at the top priority. Karachi is generating 9,000 tons of municipal solid waste at daily Basis. Second major contribution from Lahore and also from Sialkot , Lahore is producing 5200 tons of waste at daily basis and in Sialkot 260 tons of waste is being produced from residential area.
Solid waste is basically consist of refuse, garbage, sludge from wastewater treatment plant, air pollution control facility and other discarded materials including liquid, solid and semi- solid materials from mining ,industrial activities and also commercial and agricultural operations.
Solid waste management is an integral step to be taken because of its negative impacts on public health and environmental. In Pakistan it is the most important concern because 5 million people are dying annually due to the diseases related with solid waste. In Pakistan , the situation is becoming more pathetic because of no proper treatment and disposal of solid waste, no proper segregation of solid waste, lack of urban planning, outdated infrastructure and above all lack of public awareness. There is urgent need to control the increase of solid waste because it’s the matter of environment and public health. There must be need to take step at local, regional and global level and must introduce the concept of 3R reduce, reuse and recycle.
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Aimen Izhar
Environmental Sciences, GCWUS
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