Ms. Asma Afzal, Green Blogger, Environmental sciences, GCWUS.
“Water and air two essential fluids on which all life depend have become garbage cans.”
Air pollution is a major issue in many cities of Pakistan. Dust and smoke particles in Pakistan are generally twice in the world average and five times higher than in the developed world. Some of pollution comes from natural resources but major cause is anthropogenic activities. Major cause is fuel-burning power plants and traffic. These are the resources that are responsible for 90% of all air pollution. The most serious issue relating to air pollution in Pakistan is presence of excessive suspended particulate matter in the atmosphere. The source of suspended particulate matter is industries, solid waste burning, brick kiln and natural dust. Every day we inhale 20,000liter of air with every breath we are facing various breathing issues that can cause respiratory problems. Urbanization is key factor of growing air pollution. As population increases it will increase urbanization and enhance the air pollution. Due to urbanization growth of infrastructure and road transport will contribute the air pollution.
Transportation can also cause smog problem these mostly in Lahore Karachi theses cities facing these problems.
Deforestation can rise level of carbon dioxide in atmosphere factories emission volatile compounds also contribute air pollution. It affects the wildlife, human beings, acid rain and eutrophication.
To control air pollution use public transportation, consume less energy, consider the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle, emphasis on the use of clean energy resources and use of energy efficient devices to control air pollution.
Air pollution is not a major issue in Pakistan only, but in the whole planet. It is our responsibility to play a role in making our planet green and healthier. Every individual is responsible to take responsibility for cleaning the environment. Government should also be responsible to ban the expired models of cars and bikes that generate pollution and it should take responsibility to introduce the green petroleum system to control air pollution and banned the chimneys and those factories that are producing high level of air emissions in the atmosphere.
Asma Afzal
Department of Environmental sciences
The earth needs love